No. 7 The Dark Knight Scores At The Box Office

The Dark Knight Still Setting Records.  Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Dark Knight Still Setting Records. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Even before the death of Heath Ledger, the talk of the Dark Knight series and Heath playing the Joker was hitting legend status.  When Heath was first announced in the role, the fan boy community of comic book readers were up in arms.  How could he come close to Jack Nicholson’s Joker.  The Fact? In the end, he set the standard for all future Jokers.

The Dark Knight did not alter it’s release date or it’s promotional plan and it succeeded setting box office records for opening day and opening weekend.  It is currently 2nd place behind Titanic and is going to be re-released in theatres in just a few weeks.

The movie was long and dark and on point in all aspects.  Christian Bale was overshadowed and he did not care.  People were paying more attention to the Joker than Batman’s sometimes annoying speech.

The Joker is the all time classic villan and Heath took him to new heights.  Unfortunately, Heath may have played him too well and had trouble sleeping which led to his untimely death in his 20’s.  It is a known fact in Hollywood right now, if Heath does not get the Oscar for his portrayal, the Acadamy will have very much got it wrong.-Dr.FB



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