Avatar About To Sink Titanic Record

Avatar Movie Poster

Avatar Movie Poster

While you are reading this, Avatar may be passing Titanic as the biggest box office movie of all-time world-wide.

While not taking inflation into account, Avatar sometime Monday or Tuesday will be passing Titanic.  Only one can wonder what is going through James Cameron's mind as he has directed both movies.

Have you seen "Avatar" yet or do you think it is all hype?-Dr.FB

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  1. Avatar’s story line is pretty weak, but the 3D is AMAZING! I would even like to see it again, but DANG I HATE giving James Cameron more $$$ to inflate his already WAY TO LARGE EGO! Straight up…the man has talent, but that doesn’t give him the “right” to be a flat out azzhole!

  2. Sorry doc…got my facts all screwed up…for some reason I had read somewhere that Titanic sat at 1.6B…where in fact it’s at 1.84B…..ooops :)

  3. I think its a landmark film that really got 3D right. If you didnt see it in 3D you should! This film reminded me of seeing Star Wars as a boy. One of my favorite movies of all time easily!

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