Tony Awards

Kristen Chenoweth & Sean Hayes Make Out

Oh boy. Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes had a little bit of a make out session for “good luck” at the Tony Awards last night. It kind of reminded me of Al & Tipper Gore making out back in the day. One question; does this do more for males or females or no one?-Dr.FB

Lea Michele & Matthew Morrison Perform At Tony Awards

“Glee” actors Lea Michele & Matthew Morrison performed at the Tony Awards last night. Good performance by Morrison and Michele’s performance almost makes me forget that she is such a diva. Check out the performance and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

Photos Of Bret Michaels After Tony Awards

In case you might have missed it, Bret Michaels almost got decapatated last Sunday at the Tony Awards.  We still aren’t certain why Bret & the boys from Poison were there but yea. We almost thought it was a punk like Bruno & Eminem. Bret took to his Facebook to show his injuries from the […]

Elton John & Billy Elliot Big Winners At Tonys

Elton John and “Billy Elliot” partook in the Tony’s last night where “Billy Elliot” won 10 Tonys. Elton John also performed with the cast of “Hair” and unfortunately Poison performed as well.  Why?  We still don’t know. Neil-Patrick Harris did a great job of hosting the show and delivering a show-stopping number at the end […]