Jake Johnson Talks PRINCE On “New Girl” & More!

Zooey Deschanel & Jake Johnson Photo: FOXtv

In case you haven't heard, PRINCE is guest starring as himself on "New Girl" this Sunday Feb. 2nd after the Super Bowl. Star of the show Jake Johnson went on Jimmy Kimmel to talk about working with Prince.

Jake says he talked football with Prince, with him being a Chicago Bears fan and Prince being a Minnesota Vikings fan.

He also asked Prince if he liked acting and he surprisingly answered "no".

He appeared on "New Girl" because he is a fan of the show.-DocFB

Diagnosis: 6 more days!!!!


iLOVE! Katy Perry To Open iHEARTRADIO THEATER L.A. October 22nd!

Katy Perry Photo:  GettyImages.com

Katy Perry is set to be the first ever artist to perform at the iHEART RADIO THEATER L.A. as she holds her record release party there on October 22nd!

Katy will also be a doing a Q&A at the event and the entire concert will air on ALL 175 Clear Channel stations starting at 6 P.M. central time on October 22nd.

The performance will also be recorded and air on the CW Network October 25th. No word on how tickets will be sold or given away.

The theater is located at the former location of NBC Studios, where The Jay Leno show was at. You know, when Conan O'Brien took over the Tonight Show for a week and they gave Jay that giant lot where he raced cars and stuff? That lot.

"The iHEARTRADIO THEATER LOS ANGELES will create pop culture events that reach tens of millions of fans across the country live on the radio as well as further extending our reach to video streaming and television platforms. It is a way for us to expand our support for incredible superstars like KATY PERRY as well as exciting new and emerging artists," said CCM+E Pres./Entertainment Enterprises JOHN SYKES. "In addition, the new Theater will enable CLEAR CHANNEL and iHEARTRADIO to offer artists, labels and advertisers a variety of unique on-air and online promotional and sponsorship opportunities."

"We couldn't be more excited to have KATY PERRY be the one to break in our amazing iHEARTRADIO THEATER LA," said Pres./National Programming Platforms TOM POLEMAN. "Similar to our iHEARTRADIO THEATER in NEW YORK, our new theater gives artists like KATY PERRY the perfect stage to showcase their new projects in front of an intimate studio audience, while reaching millions more through our national broadcast audience."

That radio and TV audience will be substantial.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We predicted that Katy's new CD "PRISM" will sell over a million in it's first week and be the last million seller for quite some time. With that radio and TV deal, looks like we will be more than right.


Jimmy Kimmel Talks Kanye West Twitter Beef; “Kanye Is Right. I Am Ugly!”

Jimmy Kimmel was scheduled to do an interview with KTLA 5 before his Twitter beef with Kanye West erupted. Although on to promote a food festival, Jimmy talked candidly about Kanye.

His assistant did not know it was Kanye calling and Kanye went off on him. He made fun of Kanye tweeting all in caps to let everyone know he is mad at him.

Kimmel gained 60,000 followers on Twitter over Kayne going off on him.

He also agreed with Kanye that his face is ugly.

Kanye ran into paps outside his place at 4 A.M. trying to talk with about Jimmy Kimmel or as they said "Jimmmm" and Kanye was not as nice as Kimmel was to KTLA. Check out the clip here.

Where's the beef?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Parading outside someone's place at 4 A.M. and it is not for sex? Soooo not cool!


A “Friends” Reunion? Not Happening!

Friends Photo: NBC.com

Those rumors of a "Friends" reunion? Yea, it is not happening according to the co-creator of the super huge television show.

Marta Kauffman states that “I’m going to clear this up- it’s not happening. It’s not true.”

So those hoping to see Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer again, will just have to wait a little bit longer. Or perhaps it will never happen.

Above is a blooper real of all the seasons of "Friends" where they will live in repeats forever.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I'll There For U....


Prince’s “The View” 1st TV Interview In Over A Year; Watch Now!

PRINCE did his first TV interview in over a year and when the ladies of "The View" were not giving him praise, he actually talked.

Prince talked about his upcoming "Welcome 2 Chicago" shows and if he really is shy or if he is a certain way around Barbara Walters.

In the second part of the interview, he was with the lovely and talented Rosario Dawson and Van Jones, who runs the "Rebuild The Dream" charity that Prince is donating some of the profits of the "Welcome 2 Chicago" dates to.

Check out the clips above and we wonder if there will be some more appearances coming shortly.-DocFB

P.S. Don't forget to check out the NEW PRINCE song "Rock & Roll Love Affair" right HERE!!!!


Liza Minelli Talks To Ellen About Michael Jackson

Liza Minelli talked about Michael Jackson and her friendship with the late singer with Ellen.

She talks about when she first met him being a kid and loving her father.  She seemed upset feeling that the trial and others are surrounded by people just wanting to make money off of him.  Liza was dead on.

It is nice to see Liza having a good head on her shoulders with her battles of her addiction.  The last time she saw him was in 2000 in what I think she is trying to describe as the "Michael Jackson Family Honors" and if I am wrong, I am sure someone will leave a comment and correct me and I appreciate it.

Check out Liza and Ellen discussing Michael Jackson.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Wish She Was Around Him A Bit More Later In Life


Kelly Clarkson Performs “Mr. Know It All” On Leno

Here is "Mr. Know It All" by Kelly Clarkson who performed the song on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night.

It is a pretty catchy song and we have missed the first ever American Idol winner lately.

The new album "Stronger" is set for release October 24th. Check it out.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Oh, Kelly, I Know You Know You