Nooooooo! Watch Now As Morgan Freeman Explains The Definition Of “Twerking”

Oh boy. It really has come to this. The Oxford Dictionary has added the word "Twerking" and Headline News had Morgan Freeman read the definition of twerking live on air.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

Other words added were "selfie" and "pixie cut" and some are attributing it to Miley Cyrus.-DocFB

Diagnosis:....N this is the world we live in....


Sigh! Miley Cyrus Really Needs To Put Her Tongue Back In Her Mouth On MTV Red Carpet!

Miley Cyrus Photo: GettyImages.com

Miley Cyrus brought her tongue out look to the MTV VMA's red carpet. We are not sure it was needed.

She is set to perform on the MTV VMA's show. We think the performance will be "We Can't Stop", her last single.

Miley Cyrus Photo: GettyImages.com

Is Miley twerking on the red carpet? Oh Lawd!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Note to Miley, you want to leave your fans with tongue's wagging....not the other way around doll.....