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Coco Gives Us Quite The View

Coco. Photo:

Coco tweeted us a photo that is rather revealing…..and we are quite pleased.  Usually, she focus’s on her…..assets but this time decided to show off her beautiful birds. Check out Ice T in the background.  Coco said he was playing his Xbox. T was like there goes my hot women posting photos yet again.  We […]

Lindsay Lohan Wants Your Opinion On Her Twit Pic

Are these jeans too ripped to wear? This is exactly how this pic was posted on her Twitter account.  Loca can’t eat, can’t clean, can’t take pictures…hell the list goes on and on.  What the hell is on the floor? Looks like last weekend’s garage sale. Dios Mio, I think she has got Britney Spears beat by […]

The Very Stylish Megan Fox

I can’t seem to get enough of Megan. Everyday she brings something new to the table.  Here, she strikes that ‘fu** I know I’m hot’ look.  Hair, jewelery and those fierce shoes.  This girl give good face.  Once again, thank you MS. Fox!

Eminem’s ‘Beautiful’ Twit Pic

“We filmed the “Beautiful” video in The D last week, Look for it soon”, Eminem posted on his twit pic account.   If you haven’t already, check out, very very cool.