Katy Perry New Video “Unconditionally” A Renaissance Period Piece

Katy Perry Photo: Annie Liebowitz Vanity Fair

Katy Perry has released the video for "Unconditionally" and it is beautifully shot by director Brent Bonacorso.

I love the imagery, the look, the feel. What I don't understand is...when it comes to eternal love, unconditional love, why does one of them have to die? Is there no real unconditional love or eternal love without that?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Maybe I am just reading to much into things. Beautiful video for a song that I thought was so-so.


Katy Perry Releases Teaser Video For “Unconditionally”

Katy Perry Photo: W Magazine

Katy Perry has just released a teaser video for "Uncoditionally" from her new album PRISM.

At first, I thought it was a sequel to her video "The One That Got Away" with an old Katy but it was not her!

Will the video save the album? The singles have been selling well for Katy, but the album not so much. That is how it has been for everyone though....-DocFB

Diagnosis: U guys feeling this song.


Katy Perry Freaks Out While Performing “Unconditionally” At EMA’s

Katy Perry Photo: Annie Liebowitz Vanity Fair

Katy Perry acted like she was going to fall during her performance of "Unconditionally" at the MTV EMA's on Sunday. Later it was revealed she was being held up on a high wire although it must have felt that she was being pulled down while her wardrobe was taken off piece by piece.

Katy, Katy, Katy,........

The performance was great and we have to say, it did remind us of what Pink would do with her high flying act. Still, kudos to Katy for trying to be different...while her mic was on!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Since the song is about John Mayer, we are sure this is his favorite Katy Performance of all time.


Watch Now! Katy Perry Releases Lyric Video For “Unconditionally”

Katy Perry Promo Photo

Katy Perry has released a lyric video for her new single "Unconditionally" from her album "Prism" due in U.S. stores on October 22nd. Outside the U.S., the album is now available.

The first half of the song does not sound like Katy....I wonder.....

Katy says the song is inspired by her beau John Mayer.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This album appears to be all over the place. We will see if that is a good thing on Tuesday....


Unconditionally! Katy Perry Releases New Single! Listen Now!

Katy Perry Photo: Annie Liebowitz Vanity Fair

Katy Perry has released "Unconditionally" the official follow-up to "Roar" and will be on her new album "Prism" in stores next week!

Katy says it is her favorite track on "Prism", calling it a universal love song and not "eighty-notey" and like "Roar" All right then.

We like it. Surprise right?

Would we say it is our favorite Perry track of all time. No. Well...at least not yet.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Unconditional Love.....is there such a thing anymore?