#YOUREWELCOME Magic Mike XXL Trailer Debuts! Watch Now!

It’s the trailer YOU have been waiting for! Me? I still want more trailers of The Avengers. You though, are enjoying your hump day as the Magic Mike XXL trailer is officially out! Ahh. Men being objectified just like in every other movie. Oh wait. I have that reversed right? Let’s see how many girls […]

Beyonce Releases Caribbean Feel “Grown Woman” Teaser!

Beyonce has released/leaked a teaser for the “Grown Woman” video where she can do whatever she wants and apparently it is to get Caribbean Queen feel on and we are not talking about Billy Ocean! The video features Beyonce’s mother and Kelly Rowland as well.-DocFB Diagnosis: We don’t think this will be as popular as […]

Katy Perry Releases Teaser Video For “Unconditionally”

Katy Perry has just released a teaser video for “Uncoditionally” from her new album PRISM. At first, I thought it was a sequel to her video “The One That Got Away” with an old Katy but it was not her! Will the video save the album? The singles have been selling well for Katy, but […]