New Rihanna Video “Man Down” Causes Controversy


The new Rihanna video, which world premiered on BET, shows Rihanna shooting and killing someone within the first 30 seconds.  Why?  Rihanna was raped.

Her comments on Twitter saying " This song has a very strong underlying 4 girls like me" is not helping the matter as Rihanna and BET are taking a hit over the video. 

The PTC (Parents Television Council), Industry Ears, and Enough Is Enough are condeming the video and are demanding Viacom (BET's parent company) and BET to pull it off the air.

Paul Porter, co-founder of Industry Ears and a former music programmer for BET, described "Man Down" as "an inexcusable, shock-only, shoot-and-kill theme song. In my 30 years of viewing BET, I have never witnessed such a cold, calculated execution of murder in primetime. Viacom’s standards and practices department has reached another new low.” The statement continued: “If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass and BET should know better. The video is far from broadcast-worthy.”

What do you think?  Should the video be pulled?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Being A Criminal Is Cool?


2009 Emmy Awards & Winners….


emmysThe 2009 Emmy Awards were last night and hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, who I am sure did a great job.  Much better than not having a host like in Emmys past or having multiple hosts.

Will the ratings be higher or will have most Americans have been watching the Giants beat the Cowboys on NBC instead like I did? The Emmys were moved away from the Cowboy game, 1 week ahead but Viacom, who owns MTV and CBS did not want the MTV Awards and the Emmys on the same date, so it was moved back.

So, did you watch the Emmys last night? Even if you did or not, here is the full list of winners.-Dr.FB


The Emmys To Take On The Dallas Cowboys & Lose!


emmysThe Emmy's, after announcing they were moving the award show to September 13th to not compete with football, have now moved it back to September 20th.

The reason? The MTV Video Music Awards, which sucked butterballs last year.  Both networks are owned by Viacom and you just can't have both compete.

  Now, by moving the award show back to September 20th, it will be put against NBC;s Sunday Night Football which will have Tony Romo & The Dallas Cowboys versus Eli Manning & The New York Giants, basically, a ratings bonanza and an Emmy killer.

The Cowboys each time they had a game on Sunday Night Football last year, would win the ratings for the week and were also NBC's highest rated games of the year.  Add in it is the Cowboys home opener at their new stadium and the ESPN coverage that will follow, CBS is majorly F'd!

The last time the Giants played the Cowboys in a home opener, the ratings were in the 30 million range. (I was there.)  We are talking American Idol numbers. Not to mention the Emmy's are still on tape delay in the West Coast so while watching the game, you can find out the winners online. 

Side note: The Cowboys have NEVER lost a game I attended.  Unfortunately, unless Tony hooks me up..cough cough..scuse me, I will not be at that game.  :)

Face it; until the Emmy's move to a nation-wide live telecast, something else will catch the viewers eyes, no matter who the host is.-Dr.FB


Breaking News! Viacom & Time Warner Reach Agreement!

Time Warner & Viacom extended the midnight deadline by 1 hour and have just reached an agreement.

So Time Warner will not have 19 channels go black after all.  They are expected to release a statement by morning.-Dr.FB