Ke$ha Heats Up Vibe & Talks New Album “Warrior”

Looking at Ke$ha's Vibe Spread makes me think there might be something to her doing Yoga in the nude regiment.

Her new album "Warrior" is set for release in December so she decided to do a rather hot photo layout for Vibe. I will say she is wearing a rather lot of make up but her body is what I am talking about. Will let others comment how she smells, because I am sure someone will.

She talks about her new album and the maturity from her first album;

“The first record was a celebration of partying and being young, but this record’s a better look at my personality. Whatever, I drink like a champion. But I can also do other stuff. I have a sense of humor about my lyrics. I’m not a train wreck, I’m just having fun.”

The photos were taken by Sarah McColgan for Vibe.

She also talks about money not ruling her world;

"I’m not frivolous, I never go shopping, and I love cheap costume jewelry. An underlying theme [of my first album, Animal] was how you can be broke and still have fun. Money doesn’t determine whether I’m happy. But it’s really fun to get light-up shoes."

She was caught by paps in September buying light up shoes but was trying to show them off in the daytime...which didn't exactly work. Hopefully, her new album will find more success than her light up shoes.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Vibe cover eye-catching headline "8 Mile Turns 10"


Behind The Scenes Of Justin Bieber’s Vibe Cover Shoot

In case you missed it, Justin Bieber is on the cover of the September issue of Vibe magazine where he does a special photo-shoot and interview with the Urban Music Magazine.

That jacket he is rocking towards the end of the video looks very familiar to us.-DocFB


Its True. Justin Bieber Is On The Cover Of Vibe. Seriously.

Justin Bieber is the cover story of Vibe with a photo-shoot and interview with the music star.  This is the first time Justin has been on the cover of the Urban Music Magazine.

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