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Did WWE Champ CM Punk Hit A Fan On Live TV Or Was It Scripted?

Like most people who are not wrestling fans, you have to wonder if what happened after a WWE show with WWE champ CM Punk was real or scripted. The video and photos appear to show this as real.  Maybe. After a match with WWE owner Vince McMahon where fellow wrestlers Ryback and John Cena beat […]

Smackdown! CM Punk Responds To Chris Brown: “Aint No Woman Beater”

Chris Brown Versus CM Punk. Photo:

Cm Punk responded to Chris Brown tweet “#NotnoPunk” by simply replying “#aintnowomanbeater” as the WWE is finally covering the controversy days after us and other media outlets covered it. Brown tweeted that WWE needs ratings and that’s why CM Punk is going after him.  WWE did not mention the Brown/Punk war until Tuesday, missing out mentioning it […]

Linda McMahon To Lay The Smackdown On The Senate

Linda McMahon has resigned from World Wrestling Entertainment to run for a senate seat against Christopher Dodd in the 2010 election. Wow. Linda, who is married to the owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon made the announcement this morning. Linda will be running as a republican. People are describing as someone with deep pockets who […]

Former WWE Wrestler “Test” Found Dead; 33 Years Old

Andrew Martin, better known to wrestling fans as “Test” was found dead in his apartment in Tampa, Florida last night. His neighbor saw Andres laying motionless for hours when checking on him thru his window.  She then called police.  Police right now are saying there is no foul play in Martin’s death. As “Test”, Martin […]