Young Jeezy

Funk It Or Dunk It? T-Pain W/Young Jeezy “Reverse Cowgirl”


We are introducing a new segment to so we can bring you new music.  Funk It or Dunk It? Funk it if you like it.  (Duh)  Dunk it if you don’t. The first song for this will be T-Pain featuring Young Jeezy “Reverse Cowgirl” and the title lets you know it won’t be award […]

Video: Rihanna W/Young Jeezy “Hard”

Here is one of the only decent songs off the new Rihanna record, “Hard” featuring Young Jeezy.  After Rihanna is done hanging out with Matt Kemp, she should get back in the studio fast. So do dig the video and the song?-Dr.FB

Rihanna Releases New Single; To Talk About Chris Brown Incident

Rihanna is set to talk with Diane Sawyer for Good Morning America and an extended interview for 20/20 on Friday and she will talk about Chris Brown and what happened on that fateful night.  On the heels of that, with Rihanna’s first 2 songs off her Over RatedRated R CD due later this month sucking […]

Jay-Z Unveils “The Blueprint 3” Cover

Here is the cover and back of Jay-Z’s New CD “The Blueprint 3” and check out the line up on the back cover: Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Rihanna, Young Jeezy, J. Cole, Swizz Beatz, Drake, Kid Cudi, Pharrell, and Mr. Hudson. Looks like Eminem may have company when it comes to the best selling CD […]

Jay Z Tops Hip Hop Money Makers List

Jay Z is nothing but D.O.A. when it comes to leading the list of top money makers in Hip Hop & Rap. Forbes released their annual list and Jay topped it by bringing in $35 million in the past year. 50 Cent pulled in $20 million while Kanye pulling in $25 million and Lil Wayne pulling […]