Meet A Star Of The Hit Show True Blood!


Do you want to meet a star of the hit Cable TV show "True Blood" this weekend?  If so, Collector's Paradise in the San Fernando Valley is the place to be.

Michael McMillian will be at the California hot spot and  from 1 P.M. til 3 P.M.  as we celebrate the release of LUCID #1 by Archaia Comics & Before the Door Productions, with Lucid writer and one of the stars of the popular HBO series TRUE BLOOD, Michael McMillian. Michael will sign copies of Lucid #1 and possibly some True Blood merchandise.

Lucid is the first title published in association with Zachary Quinto from Star Trek and Heroes Fame.

For more information on this event, make sure to check out Collector's Paradise's official website.-Dr.FB


Video: The Star Trek Cast on SNL


Trekkie's, Trekkers. Whatever. Hope you enjoy this skit that occurred on Saturday Night Live's weekend update. This is how they spent being number 1 at the box office.-Dr.FB


The Stars Come Out For Prop. 8 Protests

The Stars came out for a No on Prop. 8 protest at Sunset Junction last night.  We thank a funkenberry reader for sending the news here.

Thousands were in attendance last night and marching with them was Zachary Quinto from "Hereos", Allison Janney from the movie "Juno", Katherine Moening from the "L Word" along with Lance Bass.

It is still amazing to me that the Mormon religion donated so much money for the yes on Prop 8 campaign.  Ridiculed forever about their multiple partner marriages and they get involved in a very misleading campaign taking away one's civil rights. 

The santicity of marriage?  What the F*#@ ever.-Dr.FB