The Debut Of Bria Valente’s “Another Boy”

www.KJLHRadio.com & www.drfunkenberry.com world premiered exclusively the new purple production of Bria Valente, which is what we were having you listen for.   

Hope you enjoyed.


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  1. I wish a real great premiere from a New Single from a forthcoming Prince Studio Album……maybe soon..or later!

    Hey Prince if u read this > i want your new Album with full of Linn Drum & Guitars with (bad) words maybe!!

    Dr FB can u transmit this message to PRINCE!!


  2. R U single Dr FB?

  3. They played it again tonight, so I got to hear it finally, i missed it this morning. Cute love song, different, i liked it! Wonder what she looks like?

  4. Crickets……………….

  5. ^ Why do no one catch that sooner? Thank u.-Dr.FB

  6. I love that is says WORD premiere….LOL

    come and get me!

  7. I’ll take the Mazarati and Andre Cymone joints at the SoundGallery any day!


    Not feelin Bria Prince.

  8. I cant stop listening to KJLH. Wouldnt hurt people to listen to todays Mid day Massage either…

  9. missed the song. can you provide other means of hearing the tune?

  10. PRINCE please stop kicking a DEAD horse. Sasha

  11. I like the factt that he is doing music for other artists again, like back in the day! It just shows his versatility, another side to his artistry. Bria sexy voice sounds like a girl version of himself “insatiable” ohh weeee, maybe she is that to him?? Remember Vanity 6 Sheila E the Time. THey reflected a side of Prince too.

    Im happy there is more of Prince music out there on the radio again even if it is a Protege we are hearing for the first time. Better than most of the crap on the radio these days.

  12. I’ve been listening all day, and didn’t even hear it, and if I heard it, didn’t know what it was.

  13. Who cares about BRIA or Tamar at this point, bring on the new prince.
    I may just not like PRINCE anymore. He’s really starting to suck!

  14. Loved the song! Cute love song, classic Prince style “Minnneapolis style” so thanks for the new music!!! Wonder if they are releasing these new albums together??? That would be Sweeet!

  15. 🙂 Thanks Dr FB. Bria, I love your voice. I enjoyed 🙂

  16. Same i’ve been listening from like 10.00am in the uk. I missed it to go eat lol. Well i hope they play it again sometime, i’d love to hear it. Funny enough i added a new demo today, something the ‘P’ would love. It’s similar to the style of ‘The Cross’. Check it out ‘The Higher Grounds’ my new tune @ http://www.myspace.com/mcedgeucation xx

  17. I left my desk for 10 mins and missed it. Been listening all day as well.

  18. if this was the song, then I missed it too.

  19. There you go. Hours of listening to some horrible R&B for some special surprise : a very average tune produced by Prince for a new protegee.
    Please, Prince, save the Linn Drums for some tight funk next time.

    How funny !

  20. … missed the song … Ah !!!

  21. …still waiting 4 the new bria v. 2 drop…

  22. Dr Funkenberry… can you please tell more now? Was it the Bria thing we were waiting for?

    I hope there something from Prince to come.. 🙁

  23. Debut of Bria Valente, “Another Boy.” Sounds tight! Can tell this is a Prince production with the Lin Drum.

  24. new bria valente…

    ok, bye bye!!!

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