Adrienne Bailon Pics Are On Lock-Down

Robert Kardashian & Adrienne Bailon.  File Photo

Robert Kardashian & Adrienne Bailon. File Photo

The other place where the photos were placed have now been taken down.  It is still on smaller sites but those seem to be disappearing as well.

Guess in the end, it paid for me NOT posting it in the first place as we did not have to get C & D letter from Disney.  It also seriously looks like these photos were not leaked on purpose. 

 Guess we know who the more respected blogger is now.  I may not have those million extra hits, but I still have my pride.

Perhaps to make up for the million hits lost, maybe you, yes YOU, can pass us on to your friends. You know I would appreciate it.  Who knows?  Maybe even Kim K. will blog about the Doctor.-Dr.FB



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