New Music By Prince!: “Controversy-The Saga Continues”

So, we are being told that Prince and John Blackwell (One Funky Drummer) were riding around last Sunday listening to Prince's new music.

The doors of the Cadillac, named after Miles Davis apparently because of it's color, were shaking like mad! That's the first thing you notice about the music is the velocity of it. The other thing that grabbed John right away is:

"The funk from the bass, the synth sound from the keys, and the legendary Prince drum sounds you know and love.  Right away, you will make a funky face and would wanna re-title it "Controversy-The Saga Continues" because you hear the flavor of that time in the music.  Every track is nonstop funk in yo face!!!!!! 3-D Style....Prince's new music truly gets a big fat cigar."

Stay tuned people, this is about to get good!

Wow. O.K. Jaw just dropped.-Dr.FB

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  1. OOww CJBabyDaddy..!!!. He is RIGHT THERE!! I wish people would just open their eyes to SEE and understand. (sigh)

  2. I’m familiar with Mr. Blackwell’s work as Mr. Timberlake’s tour drummer, but who is this Prince chap?

  3. John Blackwell and Prince! Bless both of them and thank you!! My day has just been officially made!! I can’t wait! 3-D funk?!? Nothin but funk? Pounding hypnotic beats too I bet! WoOOO wHoooOOOOO!

  4. John “Funky Drummer” BlackWell & Prince … Good combo, if he got that “Funk Face” while checkin’ out P’s new jams then I know we gonna love it. Thanx 4 the news Dr. FB

  5. Now that is the kind of sound i want 2 hear 4rm Prince. Wish i was in the cadillac


    Leave the negativty elsewhere dude

  6. Bring it on,Prince!!!!!!! Can´t wait!!!

  7. Thankyou for the news! I’m one VERY happy lady! Prince is the ultimate rocknroll tease!
    Top Teaser, send Prince love from my direction!

  8. cant wait to hear some new music from him

  9. …Soul shakin’, Funk-face makin’…….Ooooo I can’t wait!!!!
    …Ok, I’ll try my best to stop smiling now.
    …Nope, that ain’t gonna happen!

    Hurry Cletus…we’re on fire! lol

  10. ^^^This comment above.. Too funny.. honestly (people telling him what he should do.. calling hes work crap and stuff.)

  11. I love FUNK music as long as its not more of that “turn me loose” crap. SOTT was dope, he was sayin somethin political an pushin boundaries. If I hear another black sweat, im gonna be sick. Prince give us one for the ages! PLEASE

  12. New music? John Blackwell? Whooohoooo!

  13. “……Right away, you will make a funky face ….”

    Ohhww alright then.. ;) Love Prince

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