Video: Peta’s Too Hot For Super Bowl Commercial!

NBC just passed on this Super Bowl Ad for Peta where the models are seriously getting freaky with some veggies. Brings back memories of a kid where you thought a woman was buying a cucumber for different reasons. Or was that just my peverted self? Anyway, guess NBC is not too worried about selling ads as it passed on this vegetarian one. What do you all think?-Dr.FB

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  1. The Colts are the early favorites, and I think that’s a good bet. I think I might pull for the Saints, though. I really like Manning, but I like the underdog story and the city of NO could use something like a SB win.

  2. Thanks for the post, its good to know about this.

  3. ironically PETA is getting more publicity from the fact that their ad was banned than they would have if it was approved

  4. uh yeah… i would have passed on it too…especially after the janet fiasco… (enter sarcasm here) you know the Superbowl is a family, wholesome show…..

  5. Well, that was bizarre!…

  6. Wow. I never had a phallic thoughts about asparagus or broccoli. Hmmmm….

  7. Looks like PETA’s getting their message out w/o having to drop $2.7M on a Superbowl ad.

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