Subway Stands By Phelps Contrary To Reports



Contrary to other blogger’s reports, Subway is still sponsoring Michael Phelps and has not dropped the endorsement deal they have with the 8 time Olympic swimmer.

Kellogg’s may have dropped him but that is it.  Man, here I am defending Michael Phelps when I was more impressed with our Olympic Basketball team.  Michael made a mistake.  Yes, it’s bad, and it is being handled by the USA swim team and thru public opinion who obviously has his back. 

Gotta love those that throw people under the bus instead of pushing them out of the way.-Dr.FB



  • Benb
    Posted at 16:48h, 07 February

    Inexcusable. Made a mistake…please. This sort of letting “mistakes” things go only serves to support ritch brats like Phelps and his ilke.

    Bad example. You effup – you’re out. Simple as that. No because its a mistake that you think things will be easy.

  • Leighsa
    Posted at 07:31h, 07 February

    well, Subway might actually want to cater to the stoner with the munchies crowd. 🙂

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