Jason Mraz Talks New Album & Penis Jackets With Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler seemed a little surprised with Jason Mraz and his bandanna at first, but seeing how deep the singer is, and the talk of penis jackets and weed, she took a liking to him. Jason gives away the trade secret of being the person who pisses off his lover but switches it around to […]

George Michael Kick Off Tour, Admits Split With Kenny Goss

George Michael. Photo: Mirror.co.uk

George Michael kicked off his Symphonic Tour with a new song, a couple covers, and the announcement that longtime lover Kenny Goss and himself have been split for over 2 years. We reported on the break-up about 2 years ago but some “die-hard” George Michael fans were saying it was not true, fighting me on […]

Oh Boy! Charlie Sheen To Be Roasted By Comedy Central

Charlie Sheen

We wonder when Charlie Sheen was asked if he wanted to get roasted, if he thought it was smoking weed with James Franco and Justin Timberlake.  If so, he is in trouble. It was announced this morning that the next person to be roasted after Donald Trump on Comedy Central will be Charlie Sheen.  There […]

T.I. & Tiny Arrested For Pot And Sizzurp

T.I. & Tiny. File Photo

This is not good news for T.I. who just got out of jail and is on 3 years probation. T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were arrested on Sunset Boulevard here in L.A. last night. They pulled T.I. over for a traffic violation and smelled pot coming from the car.  Inside the car, there […]

George Michael Gets Arrested For Pot Possession; DUI

Stop me if you heard this one before! George Michael has been arrested for possession of pot and for driving under the influence.  This comes a month after he drove his car into a photo store last month. I worry about George!  Why do I have a feeling the guy has to be constantly touring […]