Jason Mraz Talks New Album & Penis Jackets With Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler seemed a little surprised with Jason Mraz and his bandanna at first, but seeing how deep the singer is, and the talk of penis jackets and weed, she took a liking to him.

Jason gives away the trade secret of being the person who pisses off his lover but switches it around to him being the victim.

The talk soon switched to Jason's tour  manager/manager of integrity and here wearing a penis jacket.  Not only was it a penis jacket, it  was bedazzled.

Believe it or not, it is all about the laws of attraction.  Check out the clip above as Jason also talks about his number 1 CD "Love Is A 4 letter word" and how much weed he smokes.  Don't worry, he is a vegetarian so it makes it ok.  Cough. Cough.-DocFB


George Michael Kick Off Tour, Admits Split With Kenny Goss

George Michael. Photo: Mirror.co.uk
George Michael. Photo: Mirror.co.uk

George Michael. Photo: Mirror.co.uk

George Michael kicked off his Symphonic Tour with a new song, a couple covers, and the announcement that longtime lover Kenny Goss and himself have been split for over 2 years.

We reported on the break-up about 2 years ago but some "die-hard" George Michael fans were saying it was not true, fighting me on Twitter about it.  Hmm.

George said this at the concert;

“My battles with substances are well documented and my partner went through  similar problems with drinking."

“He’s brought me a lot of joy and a lot of pain and I’m so sorry things have  not worked out but Kenny and I have not been together for two and a half years.  The truth is my love life has been a lot more turbulent than I have let on." 

This was said before he performed his new song "Where I Hope You Are" and then played right after "Love Is A Losing Game" by Amy Winehouse.

George played with a 41 man orchestra and also admitted in his own way that he is still doing pot/cannibus.  There are 65 Dates on the tour so far, and George has said he does plan on taking the tour to the United States.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  He Must Have Been Kissing A Fool....


Oh Boy! Charlie Sheen To Be Roasted By Comedy Central

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

We wonder when Charlie Sheen was asked if he wanted to get roasted, if he thought it was smoking weed with James Franco and Justin Timberlake.  If so, he is in trouble.

It was announced this morning that the next person to be roasted after Donald Trump on Comedy Central will be Charlie Sheen.  There are going to be quite a few "Duh, winning" and tiger blood jokes.

The special will tape September 10th an air September 19th. 

Charlie had this to say about the roast;   “You could say I’ve been providing kindling for this roast for a while, it’s time to light it up. It’s going to be epic.”

This comes on the heels that Charlie admitted to taking steroids for his role in the 80's movie "Major League" to improve his fastball.  Yep, that's why he did it.-Dr.FB

 Diagnosis:  Duh, Funny!


T.I. & Tiny Arrested For Pot And Sizzurp

T.I. & Tiny. File Photo
T.I. & Tiny. File Photo

T.I. & Tiny. File Photo

This is not good news for T.I. who just got out of jail and is on 3 years probation.

T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle were arrested on Sunset Boulevard here in L.A. last night.

They pulled T.I. over for a traffic violation and smelled pot coming from the car.  Inside the car, there were styrofoam cups that reportedly had sizzurp inside.  What is sizzurp?  If you are from the South, you may already know. 

Sizzurp is called a purple drank....not drink...drank...that has codeine in it. 

L.A. County would not confirm that was found but photos and video obtained by TMZ shows the cups.

T.I. and Tiny were booked and have been released on $10,000 bail.-Dr.FB


George Michael Gets Arrested For Pot Possession; DUI

George Michael File Photo

George Michael File Photo

Stop me if you heard this one before!

George Michael has been arrested for possession of pot and for driving under the influence. 

This comes a month after he drove his car into a photo store last month.

I worry about George!  Why do I have a feeling the guy has to be constantly touring or being constantly busy to not get into trouble?  A gifted singer and songwriter.   I mean why couldn't it be Ke$ha instead?  I kid.  I would not wish that on anyone.

Get some help George please.-Dr.FB


What Is Going On With Katt Williams?

Katt Williams Booking Photo: Coweta County Sheriff's Office
Katt Williams Booking Photo: Coweta County Sheriff's Office

Katt Williams Booking Photo: Coweta County Sheriff's Office

Have you ever had a guest in your home that took something from you?  What if that guest was Katt Williams, the pimpin' pimpin comedian?

Katt Williams was trying to break into the place he was staying at with a crowbar. He had been living at the residence for a month. He was booked and bail was set at $40,000 grand which has not been paid yet. 

The police say about $3,500 in jewelry was stolen but Williams lawyers are denying.  His lawyers says he wears more than that on a daily basis so why would he steal it?  Well, if you know Katt, that is kind of true.

If you all remember, last November, Katt was hospitalized after acting weird in public, showing up to a hotel wearing nothing but a robe saying that they were out to get them, but never saying who was out to get them.

One has to wonder if Katt's obsession with pot plays into this at all.  I have some friends who get very paranoid after smoking that stuff.  Regardless of the situation, this is nothing like getting caught with a gun at the Burbank airport, which Katt did get caught with.  You really don't want to be messing with those cops from the South Katt. 

I hope you are innocent n this shizz passes.  Craziness isn't it? Kind of sad too.-Dr.FB


Obama Photo Exhibit Opens With Semi-Controversial Photo

Barack Obama & One Of Them Funny Cigs? Photo: Lisa Jack
Barack Obama & One Of Them Funny Cigs? Photo: Lisa Jack

Barack Obama & One Of Them Funny Cigs? Photo: Lisa Jack

An exhibit of Barack Obama in his youth is opening with photos taken by Lisa jack, who took the photos and went to school with Obama back in the day at Occidental College.

One of the photos, the one we used above shows Obama smoking on something.  Is it one of them funny smelling cigarettes? I am sure Michael Phelps doesn't mind. 

I am more worried about what Obama has planned for the musical and art programs in several schools nationwide and the economy then what he did 20 years ago.  The exhibit runs in West Hollywood until July and opens tonight.

Do you guys really care about what he is smoking?-Dr.FB