Prince’s Oscar After Show Update; Will Be Attending Oscars

Poster Put Up Outside Avalon A Short Time Ago.  Photo: Cheryl Z.
Poster Put Up Outside Avalon A Short Time Ago.  Photo: Cheryl Z.

Poster Put Up Outside Avalon A Short Time Ago. Photo: Cheryl Z.

Venue is the Avalon.

500 tix for fans will be sold.

100 bucks at the door.

Doors open at 10 P.M. or whenever Prince & the band are done rehearsing.

There are about 10-25 people in line at this moment.

Prince will also be attending the Oscars with Bria Valente.

For those that go, have fun for those who can't.-Dr.FB

Photo was sent in by someone in line.  Thank you so much for sharing!

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  1. He sat behind Heath Ledger’s family: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBdSZGG9VmY (1:15 – 1:17)

  2. YAY can’t wait 2 hear the reviews

    Peace and b wild

  3. HAVE F U N

  4. Dr FB – Thanks for the updates – any further updates, as I will not be able to head out until 9 and get there at 10…

  5. Prince is there and he looks great!

  6. How many in line already? I almost able to head down to the line myself. Excited!

  7. OMG! you all have an amazing night and represent for all us Prince fans :) I would so be there…if i had $100! :( rough times….

    have a blast!

  8. hey
    it’s gonna be a beautiful nite!god knows i am definitely there in spirit,all the people gonna get down n funky!much love arcturus

  9. drfunkenberry…. thanks for the tidbits. I am in NY :( I wish I could go but I am too far away. If you are looking for a date, email me :)

  10. thanks drfunk! i sure am looking forward to hearing Bria sing live on stage for all of us real soon!

    i’d love to be at the show, but i have other plans for tonite.

    and the oscar goes to Heath Ledger for his role as THE JOKER.

    “aussies do it better”.

  11. God I wish i could go sooooo bad!!! Why?! WHY?!
    Wanna take me with you Dr. FB?! hahaha.

  12. well i am going to bed now i am looking forward to seeing some reviews when i get in from work

    hope you all have a funky evening

    i wonder if we will see Bria live anytime soon?

  13. This is a Prince performance only. He will be entertaining the fans and the celebs.

    The head count right now is 30-40 so double that to round 80 with people most likely holding spots.

    You never know when it will change but right now you seem safe if you head over later.

    I am just pleased the ticket price is somewhat afforable and the fans have a chance to get in.-Dr.FB

  14. Yes, please do tell… some of us can’t head over this early… is it worth going later or will the 500 tix be gone? AND do we know if Prince is performing, Bria, or no one?

  15. anyone know what the headcount in line is right now?

  16. cool! will Bria be singing live on stage at the afterparty too? – have a great time to all those who get to see the show!

  17. i want one of those posters :)

  18. Have fun! I wish I was there.

  19. Of course now not only do I want to go..I want that poster as well. :)

  20. So will HE be actually performing?I’m not interested in driving and waiting in line for an introduction show for Bria.I WANT PRINCE & ONLY PRINCE!lol Greedy aren’t I?As of now it doesn’t look like I will be making it.So ya’ll have fun for me! :(

  21. have fun Prince & the band.

  22. Have a wonderful time :-)

  23. Have all a funky good nite with our little man!

    B Funky Wundi

  24. Hope everyone who goes has an amazing time this evening

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