Amy Winehouse Says NO, NO, NO I’m Not Guilty

Amy Winehouse  File Photo
Amy Winehouse OOPS File Photo

Amy Winehouse OOPS File Photo

Amy appeared at London's City of Westminister Magistrates Court on Tuesday.  Ms.Winehouse showed a healthier, drug free figure. While playing with her signature bee-hive and tugging at her clothes, the singer pleaded "not guilty" to assaulting a women at a charity ball last September. 

Amy gave her full name as "Amy Jade Civil" and stated "I'm alright, thanks".  Her case has been adjourned until July 23, 2009.

Okay Winehouse, get your sh** together, I'm in need of some new music!!!

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  1. Hope the judge finds a more appropriate punishment than a smack on the wrist… ;)
    Amy, just blame it on the drugs and get back to the music asap!

  2. Wow nice picture. Amy amy amy.. ;)

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