Zac Efron Drops Out Of “Footloose”; Loses Smile

Zac Efron Attends Paris Premire Of 17 Again.  Photo:

Zac Efron Attends Paris Premire Of 17 Again. Photo:

Zac Efron dropped out of “Footloose” yesterday it is being reported because he wants to be taken more seriously as an actor and not do more musicals.

Since the news has been announced and the days leading up to it, Zac has seemed really sad.  This photo is the closest we have to a smile.  Did someone’s success maybe come to quick and seeing that he does not like life in the public eye? 

Be careful Zac, it is worse when people don’t remember you.  Also hope you have other roles coming your way before making these decisions.  And frickin smile and pretend to like the movie you are in.  That could have future circumstances for you.  Just saying bro, it’s tough but man the heck up!-Dr.FB



  • Rita
    Posted at 01:48h, 08 April

    well i happenend to really luv zac and think theses nothin perverted about him and he is so not a dumbass so i really dont no why u would say that but it is your choice but you could have some kind of respect for the people who do luv him to go complain somewhere else im not tryin to be mean but u could have respect how would u feel if right ow i started talkin all kinds of crap about miley cyrus but im not cause one im not like u and 2 i actually like her

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