Chace Crawford Will Not Get “Footloose”

Chace Crawford will not be getting “Footloose” for the 80’s remake.   Crawford has dropped out of the role that Zac Efron previously dropped out of. Chace is saying it is his busy schedule that caused him to drop out but since Kenny Ortega left the project last year to work with Michael Jackson for his […]

Zac Efron Jumps Into Action

Even when Zac Efron pumps gas, it is is adventure.  Perhaps I would be running too if my car was an Audi but I digress. An unposed photo but an action photo looks like it could be used as a promo photo for an upcoming movie of his. Hmmm. “You have seen him in 3 […]

Chace Crawford Is New York Cool

If they were ever to remake Saturday Night Fever, I know who should star in it. Even when Chace Crawford is just walking down the street, he is straight New York cool.  The “Gossip Girl” star seems to be enjoying his summer.   All we have to wonder is when will Chace really blow up?  We […]

The Ever-Handsome Chace Crawford In Milan

Chace Crawford was showing he has style at the Milan Menswear Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 in Milan, Italy obviously.  I mean they wouldn’t call it the Milan Menswear Fashion if it was being hosted in Boston. (In Bostonian accent: “no disrespect.”) Chace has been on a roll lately with Gossip Girl and picking up Zac […]

17 Again Debuts at #1! Zac Efron Celebrates Everywhere

Zac Efron’s “17 Again” debuted at number 1 at the box office this weekend.  The comedy took in $24 Million and showed the former High School Musical star still has quitethe following despite challenges by Robert Pattinson to be the top teen-heartthrob in Hollywood. Zac celebrated by being everywhere this weekend.  From a stop at the […]