Bill O’Reilly Pissed At Rapper Eminem’s Sarah Palin Spoof

Eminem streetknowledge.com

Eminem streetknowledge.com

Not even going to attempt to post a pic of that fug O'Reilly.

Fox Television Host, Bill O'Reilly is not happy with Eminem's video, "We Made You".  Among many celeb spoofs on the video the rapper says, "I'll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner, nail her/baby, say hello to my little friend".  O'Reilly told his audience, "Few Americans take the vile rapper seriously.  He represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country and is a publicity hound to boot.  No one over 25 listens to him".

I think Eminem is awesome.  The video is hot and I'm glad he's back.  Who cares what Mr. O'Reilly thinks.  What's this crap about representing the lowest form of entertainment....OH GEEZ!!

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  1. O’reilly suck on dick should keep his mouth shut.. Garbage shouldn’t be allowed to speak

  2. Weren’t the elections over, like, 5 months ago or something? Find someone new to complain about already! There has to be somebody else out there for everyone to badmouth, I am tired of hearing about how evil and stupid she is! Get a freakin’ life and find a way to sell a couple of records without riding on the group-b*tch bandwagon!

    /Rant over

  3. I wonder how awesome Eminem would be if he had a Michelle Obama impersonator in his video and said the same things about her instead of Palin. One-sided double standard. People are pitiful.

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