Fox Television

Bill O’Reilly Pissed At Rapper Eminem’s Sarah Palin Spoof

Not even going to attempt to post a pic of that fug O’Reilly. Fox Television Host, Bill O’Reilly is not happy with Eminem’s video, “We Made You”.  Among many celeb spoofs on the video the rapper says, “I’ll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner, nail her/baby, say hello to my little friend”.  O’Reilly told his […]

Get A Dose Of The Simpsons’ At The Post Office

DOH!!! The Simpsons’ on a stamp? Why not? They have won 24 Emmys over its two decade and still counting run on Fox Televison, had a hit movie, and  have sold millions of dollars in mechandise.  I guess its time to put their fug on a US Postal Stamp.  Starting May 7th you will be […]

‘More To Love’, Another Fox Reality Show

Holding Hands Courtesy Of Will I watch it? Probably.  Show is based on finding love when you are not a size 2. Hell, I think I was a size 2 in Jr. High.  So I think this could be interesting, or at the least worth dedicating some time to. What does an average size 8 look like […]

Kelly Osbourne Is Back And Ready For ‘Osbournes, Reloaded’

It’s Ms. Kelly baby! She’s back from her January stay in rehab an this chick is looking mighty refreshed.  Third time’s the charm? Let’s hope so. Kelly became addicted to liquid vicodin, getting her first taste of it at age 13.  She attempted to rehabilitate herself  in 2004, 2005, and again in 2009. ” I […]