Video: Maxwell “Pretty Wings”

Here is the long awaited new song and video by Maxwell. Give it a look n listen. What do you all think?-Dr.FB

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  1. I really like the song and video. Maxwell was cute before but he’s FIIINE now with that new shorter hairdo. It’s great to see him back! I will get the CD when it drops.

  2. I dig this, a lot.

  3. Ohhww I really like this. I do.. I looooooove his voice. And the fact that he is just so so beautiful helps too 😉 I love Max.. I do

  4. Dayum he is fine as hell without the messy do….He was aight before but I love the clean cut look on him…

  5. I like it especially the second half with the horns although I think he needs to tie his girlfriend down!!

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