Too Funny! Jon Stewart Returns To The Daily Show; Channels Freddie Mercury & Goes After Miley Cyrus & Her Foam Finger!

Jon Stewart:   File Photo

Jon Stewart returned to the Daily Show last night for the first time in 3 months after making a film in the Middle East. It did not take him long to go after Miley Cyrus and her foam finger.

In the clip Comedy Central is providing, you see it briefly but not explaining why Jon is doing the things he is doing. The clip below, which we hope stays up, gives you the full intro.

It seems Jon forgot how to act "American"...they made jokes about his facial hair while trying to fix him. He then morphed intro Freddie Mercury from Queen and then.....Miley Cyrus...including the MTV outfit along with the foam finger.

Check out the intro above. Trust us, it is worth your time!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Welcome back Jon!


Adele To Perform At Grammys; Gets Clearance After Throat Surgery

Adele File Photo
Adele File Photo

Adele File Photo

Yes! We just received word from the Grammy's that Adele will be making her long-awaited return to the stage at the Grammy's Feb. 12th.

Adele underwent throat surgery back in November and has now been given clearance to perform at the Grammys.  This will be the first time Adele has performed in 5 months.

Adele released this statement regarding her Grammy performance;

"It's an absolute honor to be included in such a night, and for it to be my first performance in months is very exciting and of course nerve-racking, but what a way to get back into it all,"

Adele is nominated for 6 Grammy's and her album "21" sold 5.8 million copies in 2011 alone.  Only Kanye West has more Grammy nominations with 7.

We are very happy that Adele will be back on stage and here is hoping she leaves with a few trophy's that night.-DocFB


Conan Comes Out Swinging On New Talk Show

Conan O'Brien returned to late night...this time on basic cable.....last night.

The cold open was very funny and let you know what Conan has been doing for the past several months, as a clown, as a fast food worker, telling Obama jokes....all for not wanting to move "The Tonight Show" back a half hour. 

Who knew Larry King would be a guardian angel?

Did you watch last night? 

What do you think of Conan's cold open?-Dr.FB


Exclusive~ Captain EO To Return To Disney Paris

New Captain Eo Poster Michael Jackson Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive!
New Captain Eo Poster Michael Jackson Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive!

New Captain Eo Poster Michael Jackson Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive!

Captain EO will be returning to Disney Paris at the end of July.  "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" will be closing in the next 2 weeks. 

They will be working on getting it set up for it's July launch date over the next 2 months. 

Captain EO returned to Disneyland in California earlier this year and has been a success in attracting tourists to the attraction.

So for those in Paris, and those where that Disney is closer, will YOU be going?-Dr.FB


Is Paula Abdul Heading Back To American Idol?

Paula Abdul. File Photo

Paula Abdul. File Photo

We just got a hot tip that Paula Abdul MAY be returning to American Idol.  Could she be replacing Simon? 

Could we see it returning to 3 judges next year with Randy, Ellen and Paula?  That means Kara would be out but it might be the answer that Idol needs as ratings have been slipping somewhat.  Now, granted, rating slipping for Idol compared to other shows is nothing but it is something they are worried about now that Simon is leaving. 

Do you want to see Paula back on Idol?

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Shania Twain Coming To Television

Shania Twain. File Photo

Shania Twain. File Photo

Shania Twain is coming to television.  "Why Not?, With Shania Twain" will debut on the Oprah Network later this year.

Man, it's been too long since she has put out some music.   It seems like it has been hard for her to come back to the music scene since her husband cheated on her.

"The show will follow [Twain] as she begins her climb back to the top, a personal journey filled with risk, revelations and unexpected adventures.”

I look forward to it in the hopes of new music from Shania hitting us soon.-Dr.FB


As Tiger Woods Announces Return To Golf, So Do Fans

Tiger Woods File Photo

Tiger Woods File Photo

As Tiger Woods announced his return to Golf and The Masters, ticket prices went through the roof even more than they were when it was just speculation that Tiger would return.

The tickets, which are normally $200 are going for about $2 grand in some circles. 

CBS, which carries The Masters is breathing a sigh of relief knowing that Tiger will be returning.  Golf coverage and ratings has been down since Tiger left and The Masters to CBS with Tiger Woods playing is like the NBA getting LeBron versus Kobe in the NBA Finals; ratings gold. 

Even golfers who behind the scenes may not care abot Tiger are sure glad he is back.  More cameras, more attention is a good thing for them.  It's not like Phil Mickelson was going to lay the verbal smackdown on Tiger anyway. 

Will you be rooting for Tiger at The Masters or rooting against him?-Dr.FB


Video~Jay Leno Returns To Tonight Show

Here is Jay Leno's return to the Tonight Show including dream sequence (we knew it was coming, we just did not know it would have Bettie White.) and his first monologue back.

What do you think of Jay's return? i think they tried to keep things moving and fast paced. Maybe a little too much. What do you think?-Dr.FB


Video: Maxwell “Pretty Wings”

Here is the long awaited new song and video by Maxwell. Give it a look n listen. What do you all think?-Dr.FB