Jennifer Aniston Beautiful In Blue

Jennifer Aniston Is Blue.  Photo:

Jennifer Aniston Is Blue. Photo:

Was this photo taken 10 years ago?  Jennifer Aniston is looking amazing.

This was the reason we fell in love with Jen in the first place in friends.  She would be that hot girl wearing sweats while waiting in line at Panda Express.  She doesn’t need the glam dresses.  This look suits her more.  So what if she is the pretty girl on the street?  Sometimes, that is all you need. 

I just know sooner or later there is gonna be another photo of Jen not looking this good.  I like her like this.  The look in her eye.  It says a lot to me. Hope you are getting over Brad Jen.  Beats getting under John again.-Dr.FB



  • lola
    Posted at 17:27h, 04 May

    EWWWW. how do you think she looks good??? r u hard up? lol

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