Video: Elliott Yamin “Fight For Love”

Straight up, I like this one a LOT!!!!! Elliott Yamin is really coming into his own as his r n b singer. He has come even farther than when he was on American Idol.  I always try to bring you the best new music, new artists, and just straight a good song. 

I just want to thank him for getting his grill fixed. It makes it easier to concentrate on just how good he is.

What do you all think?-Dr.FB

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  1. Yamin’s “Wait for You” is one of the best breakup songs ever. Gets me every time. http://is.gd/wFgR

  2. Loving Fight for Love! His voice is incredible! Can’t wait for his album to drop on 5/5/09!

  3. It’s a great tune. I see lots of hit potential on his lastest CD. Could care less about the grill, the hair, etc. It’s about the voice baby. Elliott definitely has it going on.

  4. F4L is funkalicious!!!

    Thx for the highlight!

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