Video: Eminem 3 A.M.

Here is the new video by Eminem 3 A.M. A somewhat serious video after the first one like usual.

What do you think? Has your taste for Eminem faded or does he still got it?-Dr.FB

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  1. This video/song is off the chain, ONLY eminem could do this and get away with it. there was a group in the early 90’s called insane poetry and they did a song called manic depressive and it was similar but even they couldn’t get away with this today. Eminem is off the meter, the chain, the neckbone and way more talented than anyother rapper out there. This shows his lyrical expertise even if u don’t like the content, u can’t deny that this guy is the best. as far as his mom goes… nah, she’s at least half the reason he’s as screwed up as he is.

    Great Job, EM! Can’t wait for the album, finally you’re back to dominance!!

  2. He’s just an attention seeker. As if there isn’t already enough twisted shit going on in the world, this knobhead wants to glorify it!
    His poor mother must have gone through hell with this brat. She’s surely vindicated after this stunt?
    I guess she always knew that given enough rope…

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