Tavis Smiley & Crew Give Thanks To Drfunkenberry

Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornell West.  File Photo
Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornell West.  File Photo

Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornell West. File Photo

We received a most gracious email last night from a representative of Tavis Smiley's.  It completely surprised me and brought a smile to my face.

Here is a portion of it:

 I would like to extend a thank you to you for keeping your audience in the know with what's going on wih Tavis Smiley and his many endeavors, particularly with regard to Prince.

As many of you know earlier this year, Tavis threw his annual symposium and Prince performed a benefit concert at the Conga Room with all proceeds going to Tavis Smiley's Foundation.  Drfunkenberry.com made available to it's readers tickets that were to only available through the foundation. Those tickets were $50 less then what the Conga Room was charging and it was our way of looking out for our readers, Prince's fans and Tavis's foundation.

We also promoted Prince's appearances on Tavis's show last week.  During all this, where were the other celebrity blogs?  Just making a note of things.  I might say things that are unpopular but I do give press to people who you may not read about elsewhere.  Not because I am told to or I am in someones pocket, but because I want to. 

I don't want to ramble any further.  I am just appreciative of the email I sent. I do not do what I do for recognition or maybe my face would be splattered all over the site.  I do this for genuine love. I can only hope you enjoy it as much as I love doing it.  Thanks again to Tavis and his people for the recognition.-Dr.FB

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  1. That was mighty big of Tavis Smiley to do that. He’s a class act and it showed with that interview with Prince last week. Tavis, thank you for doing that interview with him and all that you do for the black community at large.

    Dr FB, thank you for this site. It’s a fun site that has become a regular place for me to visit and I love it. There’s no BS, just the news and I appreciate it. Keep on doing what you are doing. You have a lot of fans out there in the world who dig you and this site and you are on the verge of hitting the big time, I have no doubt about that at all. The world won’t know what to do when it happens and it will happen. You rock Dr FB!!!!!!!

  2. dr. f i visit your site daily because you are indiscriminatory with your comments….”genuine” is all i think about when i think about you….everyday is a yellow day. much love 2 the dr.

  3. “… I always appreciate the ones you leave. ..”
    Aaawww this is a nice way to start my day. Thank you :)

  4. lovenharmony, thank you. We are actually getting the scoop on several other things yet, just not getting that recognition yet. We will though. The longer the struggle, the sweeter the success.

  5. mybaby, I helped Twitter blow up? Let’s see…looking at my followers. Looks at Ashton Kutcher’s. Looks at Britney Spears. Nah….I don’t think I helped blow it up unless people were going to my page just to get to everyone elses. have to be serious here. I appreciate the compliment but I am far from where I will be..or at least hope to be before everyone moves on from twitter to something else. Thank you though.

  6. mrgoodnight, did not know we even had disagreeing opinions. They are opinions and it is nice to discuss things without onesidedness.

  7. This site is 24/7 and sometimes OMG, I am working on it rond the clock to stay current or break news.

  8. Thanks justmemuchlove for your comment. I always appreciate the ones you leave.

  9. I appreciate the love here. Perhaps if the word is spread enough about this place, we could be the force you want us to be. I want to do radio and podcasts which could feature music that may not get the play it deserves and get interviews with some who do not get the exposure they deserve.

    In time, we plan on being everywhere and with you behind us, we can make it happen.

  10. much love 2 dr.f for all your efforts and keeping us informed…specifically as it relates to Prince and his new protege Bria. My only wish/prayer is that if you could somehow/someway use your charismatic skills 2 get Elixer, Lotusflow3r, and Mlpsound on the airwaves that would be “godsend”. Once again, i thank u so very much 4 all that u do 4 us Prince/Bria fans.

  11. I just want to say ..Tavis.. I really really enjoyed watching the Prince and Bria interview. Thank you so much for having them both on the show. I ..sigh.. I could just listen to him talk for hours and hours..(and I’m sure you do too) I’m not gonna go on and on and explain WHY in this post.(there would be no end haha) But let’s just say everything becomes clearer when you know GOD. It was heartwarming to see and feel the love you have for each other and to hear you both say it too. (smile) You are blessed to have him as a friend (wish I could say the same)

    Prince: Thank you so so much for yet another inside look (confirmation and all) and making me laugh in this difficult time..(sigh) Brother, I wish I could listen to you just telling stories and laugh till I cry. I’m so in the wrong place now haha. There is no way you can stop free spirit.. I wish ppl would just understand. Your light will shine forever. And the brighter your light shines the closer it will get me to mine.(giving me a little push in the right direction) I will always love you for that. Keep it high. 😉

    Dr. FB thanks for the info and I’m glad you got this nice e-mail. Keep up the good work.

  12. wow. I thank Tavis Smiley for sending this! I appriciate the hard work Tavis haa been doing and thank Dr. Funkenberry for all his hard work too! Waking up 3 – 9 in the morning to give us out daily dose – i mean come on, I can’t even do that in the mornings! lol Thats a true soldier right there!

    Thank YOU Dr. Funkenberry and Thank You Tavis Smiley! – for getting Prince on that couch!


  13. I thank u 2 even though u didn’t like my Chris Brown opinions…..But they broken up now…….

  14. Thanks again dr funk by the way I ppersonally believe u have helped twitter blow up because I joined just to follow u know I love it so much so keep up the good work and keep ure ear out for my baby PRINCE

  15. A well deserved acknowledgement if I do say so myself! Thanks for bringing all the celebrity news, especially the Prince stuff because unfortunately no one else gets the inside scoop for Prince news like y’all do!

  16. I think Tavis should’ve invited you out for a bevvy oy two.. better than a boring old e mail!
    If he’s reading…Tavis TAKE NOTE!
    I think you do a cool blog..always worth checking in especially for the purple love.

  17. Well-deserved, Doc! Glad the powers that be are recognizing the work! Keep doin what you do!!

  18. Awesome! I love the blog and especially all the Prince news :)

  19. I absolutely love your blog, it’s truly amazing! Keep up the good work! I just have to say though that I received the same e-mail… However, I love what you do and do hope to get to your level some day.

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