Want To Be On Dancing With The Stars With Sheila E.?

Sheila E www.wireimage.com

Sheila E www.wireimage.com

People in L.A.; want to be on TV? Our girl Sheila E. is taping a segment for Dancing With The Stars tonight and needs some dancers!  That's where you come in!

Sheila Tweeted this: E Family is taping 4 #DWTS 2nite! 7:45. Meet us @ The Conga Room in DT L.A. 4 a chance 2 dance w/ JR Martinez & Karina, & The E Family performing! tell them u R the E family dancers when u arrive, there is another concert at the conga room for a cuban band so make sure you go to the front of the line to tell them you are the e family dancers... see u there!

So if you are in Los Angeles and want to be on TV, head down to the Conga Room tonight!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Finally A Star On Dancing With The Stars   


Video Exclusive! Lenny Kravitz Private Performance Of “Are You Gonna Go My Way?”


Ok, this is 4 funky! Lenny Kravitz did a special performance at the Conga Room last week.  He performed 6 of his classic songs, in different instrumentations, stripped down and quite funky. 

He did not pick up a guitar once...and did not need to!  He joked that he was playing only the tambourine, like the girl on the Partridge Family.

Here is "Are You Gonna Go My Way" and I am totally digging it.  We were able to hang with Lenny backstage thanks to Mathieu Bitton.  Lenny wants me to see a real show as he called it, compared to this.  There was only about 50 or a little more for this show.  Who wouldn't want a great private concert like this from Lenny Kravitz?

We will share more of our backstage encounter with LK soon.  For now, enjoy this version of "Are You Gonna Go My Way" by Lenny Kravitz.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Yes, We Are


Tavis Smiley & Crew Give Thanks To Drfunkenberry

Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornell West.  File Photo
Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornell West.  File Photo

Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornell West. File Photo

We received a most gracious email last night from a representative of Tavis Smiley's.  It completely surprised me and brought a smile to my face.

Here is a portion of it:

 I would like to extend a thank you to you for keeping your audience in the know with what's going on wih Tavis Smiley and his many endeavors, particularly with regard to Prince.

As many of you know earlier this year, Tavis threw his annual symposium and Prince performed a benefit concert at the Conga Room with all proceeds going to Tavis Smiley's Foundation.  Drfunkenberry.com made available to it's readers tickets that were to only available through the foundation. Those tickets were $50 less then what the Conga Room was charging and it was our way of looking out for our readers, Prince's fans and Tavis's foundation.

We also promoted Prince's appearances on Tavis's show last week.  During all this, where were the other celebrity blogs?  Just making a note of things.  I might say things that are unpopular but I do give press to people who you may not read about elsewhere.  Not because I am told to or I am in someones pocket, but because I want to. 

I don't want to ramble any further.  I am just appreciative of the email I sent. I do not do what I do for recognition or maybe my face would be splattered all over the site.  I do this for genuine love. I can only hope you enjoy it as much as I love doing it.  Thanks again to Tavis and his people for the recognition.-Dr.FB


Prince At The Conga Room Review

Sound trouble at theatre. Hope not conga.

Ron wood eddie murphy arsenio.

Band: michael b. Sonny t. n a guy from the northside of mpls.

Soudcheck. Talking bout Sonny T. Carrying a guitar n a gun while being 14 years old.

Here we go:

I'm yours (Brain farted for a moment n did not remember it was his song)

Colonized Mind,

chaos n disorder, have a lil help (cover)

 talks bout diamonds n pearls tour with michael b,

I like it there,

all shook up,

empty room,

peach, spanish castle magic (its a cover),

when you were mine,


Encore; (story bout tamar he told bria valente),


on to nokia live. ;)-Dr.FB


Live Reports From Prince Shows

Status update... Dr.FB is at..the Prince shows.

Wondering if I should do a live report for you all?

What you think? Just post it in here n you guys can come back n check? Cool?

No cell reception in conga but we will work something out.


Magic Johnson and Rick Fox just got a cheer from the crowd walking to their seats? Me? No cheer yet. ;)

Chocolate box video being shown now n then Prince is gonna rock the sox off of LA.

Band; josh dunham, C. C. Dunham, Morris Hayes, Shelby, Elisa F, other female singers name eludes me now, coolest harmonica player in the land, and the guitarist from mpls named Prince.

P rain intro
Ol skool company he killed it. Black n white print outfit

(Yes Prince you are in hollywood.)
Checking the drum sound
Crinsom n Clover,


I Feel 4 U,

Controversy n the place just went NUTS!!,(7000 plus jumpin up n down),


If I Was Ure Girlfriend (my jam n harmonica adds to it),

calls out many hits but chooses....Kiss.( Crowd goes wild n that's why he still plays it. ),

Play that funky music white boy with audience member,

Hollywood Swingin',(Prince says music unites us all), (restin my feet, I got two more shows to report for you n you got an extra seat right next to me)

Harmonica interlude,

Prince talks,

come together,

purple rain (in diff key).


let's go crazy,

the bird,

jungle love,

glamorous life w. Sheila E.

Conga room next


Prince Performing 3 Shows At L.A. Live Complex



Prince is performing 3 shows March 28th at L.A. Live!  Here is the news you heard first at Dr. Funkenberry.com

Ryan Seacrest made the official announcement this morning on his radio show.  He jumped the news early at 6 A.M and has been giving away tickets to the first show.

Prince will be performing at The Nokia Theatre, The Conga Room, and Club Nokia. 

Nokia Theatre 7 P.M.

Conga Room 9:30 P.M.

Club Nokia @ Midnight

Each show will be a 90 minute set.  Tickets go on sale  Saturday to the General Public thru Ticketmaster.  We hear there will be better seats for the Nokia Theatre show thru his own web site on Tuesday. 

When information becomes more clear, we will let you know -Dr.FB

UPDATE: All shows are 77 bux per show and go on sale Sunday. There is a different order of shows then previously reported. The other times listed are when doors open. Should have more info later and will pass it on.-Dr.FB

UPDATE 2 Here is the official press release;

MARCH 28TH, 2009
LOS ANGELES, CA, March 20, 2009 - Six-time Grammy® winner Prince will perform an unprecedented three concerts in three completely separate venues all in one evening within L.A. LIVE, the downtown Los Angeles entertainment and sports district on Saturday, March 28th.  These history making performances are in support of the launch of his new website LotusFlow3r.com on March 24th and the upcoming release of his three new studio albums, available for purchase at exclusive retailer Target and Target.com on March 29th as well as his website.  The three performances will earn Prince the distinction of becoming the first artist to attempt the remarkable record of performing at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE; Conga Room and Club Nokia all in one unbelievable night of great music.
Details of the multiple Saturday, March 28th concerts are as follows:

* Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE – Doors open at 5:30 p.m.


* Conga Room – Doors open at 8:00 p.m.


* Club Nokia – Doors open at 11:30 p.m.

Tickets for each of the three performances are $77.00 plus applicable fees and service charges.  Separate tickets for each venue are required for admittance.  Prince will perform a full length concert at each venue. A two ticket limit per purchase will apply for the Conga Room and Club Nokia shows; a four ticket limit per purchase will apply for the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE show.  Tickets go on-sale this Sunday, March 22nd at 12:00 p.m tix on sale thru ticketmaster

LotusFlow3r.com will also be able to get select premium seats beginning Tuesday, March 24th. 
Prince is slated to launch his new interactive member-based website, LotusFlow3r.com on March 24th and has three new studio albums, LOtUSFLOW3r, MPLSoUND and Elixer, a collaboration with his new protégé Bria Valente, which will all be available for digital download on his website at launch time and also bundled together in a three-disc set for only $11.98, available for purchase exclusively at Target and Target.com.  The new website will offer fans exclusive content including access to premium seats for these three shows as well as digital downloads; lyrics that are not available in the album packaging; concert tickets; sneak peeks at upcoming events; live concert footage; exclusive imagery from past albums and other exclusive photos for an annual membership fee of $77. 


Prince Concert News; Feb. 28th Show In L.A.

This is an update of the story from Tuesday about the Icon, PRINCE playing a benefit concert for Tavis Smiley's  Annual State Of The Black Union Symposium.

We found out a couple of hours ago that the show will be at the Conga Room In L.A. at the Nokia Center. (We took a while to post to make sure everything was on the up n up.) The show is scheduled to start at 8 P.M.

Tix will be $300 (seated) and $150 (standing room general admission) and there is a 4 ticket limit.

You can purchase the tickets here.

I have never heard of this site before but went through it all without purchasing the tickets. It seems secure but be careful is all I can say.  Anyone wanna pick up my ticket tab? =-)

Please keep in mind, it is a benefit concert. Hope some of you can attend in this economy.-Dr.FB