Video: No Doubt On American Idol

Here is No Doubt performing on American Idol last night. What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. She was gasping for breath and acting the way she did doesn’t suit her anymore….she needs to evolve…..it just looks bizarre! very sad in my eyes.

  2. Gwen was awful and the band was sub par…..if I paid for the ticket to an upcoming show I’d be concerned

  3. “Not your best performance….a bit pitchy in some areas, dawg…But overall, a decent effort.”

    It was nice to see them all together again. 🙂
    Can’t wait for the tour!!!
    It’s gonna be great!

  4. She’s so attractive but so ungainly in her performance. Wish she were more feminine sometimes.

  5. I really love No Doubt but I agree with the singing part. She isn’t super terrible but this performance wasn’t the best. I’m excited to see them this summer though (: It’s weird to see her again all badass sounding and dressed as opposed to sweet and innocent when she’s solo.

  6. That’s what makes No Doubt one of the greats. Gwen wasn’t a great singer, but she sang with passion. Her voice added an element to the music that no one else could. As I mentioned in my post, I loved the performance, and I wish I could get tickets to go see them when they come to Boston. Maybe I will just con my way in.

  7. I’ve always liked No Doubt, but it’s obvious that Gwen isn’t the best singer. However, I like how she went on stage and sang live anyway, while Paula had to lip sync. Just thought that was ironic.

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