Jessica Simpson Performs For Shamu

Jessica Simpson wireimage.com
Jessica Simpson wireimage.com

Jessica Simpson wireimage.com

Ms. Simpson performed at Sea World in San Antonio on May 9th, wonder if she asked Shamu for fashion advice?

Jessica needs to fire someone!  I can't say who exactly helps her with her wardrobe,(maybe her pops?) but I'm positive their goal is to make this beautiful gal  look 10-15 pounds heavier than she really is.  Someone burn this ENTIRE outfit, YES, even those horrible shorts.

Jessica honey, call Pete Wentz  if you have too. I'd rather see you goth glam, than god get that girl off the stage lookin'!

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  1. Please stop! Mo more daisy dukes I just can’t take it anymore; and honey please, squats don’t make your thighs look like that but nice try for blaming how you look on your trainer. You are the only one to blame. but please put some clothes on and keep ‘em there, and someone please burn all her denim shorts!!!

  2. it could have worked, for that whole country vibe, and then those shoes come into play.

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