Natalie Portman Gets Flashed To The Mat

Natalie Portman Is A Hesher.  Photo:

Natalie Portman Is A Hesher. Photo:

If the rumors are true that Sean Penn is dating Natalie Portman, I might be getting a knock on my door any minute now.

Natalie was filming scenes from her new movie “Hesher” and was practicing stunts on a mat.  Hesher was a word from the 80’s to address some rock dudes.  “He is a total Hesher dude.” Well, Natalie was doing her stunts and her dress would come up while filming which gave us all a look see at the Israeli-American’s knickers.  I gotta say I like what I see and I am sure Sean does too.  She can be my welcome mat anytime.  🙂

Rumors are circulating that Sean Penn filed for divorce from Robin-Wright Penn after hooking up with Natalie Portman.  Have to go guys.  Hearing a knock at my door.  Ooh boy.  It’s Sean.  Gulp.  Say good night Gracie.-Dr.FB




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