Robin Wright Penn

Robin Wright-Penn Files For Divorce From Sean Penn

Is the 3rd time the charm?  Robin Wright-Penn filed for divorce from her husband Sean Penn yesterday.  This is the 3rd time papers have been filed for divorce between the 2. It looks like this time thought it is a done deal according to Robin. We can only wish the 2 luck and hope it […]

Sean Penn Drops Out Of 3 Stooges & Cartel

Sean Penn has just dropped out of 2 movie roles and did not give a reason other then if delaying of the filming happened, he would stay involved in the projects. We hear it is to work on his marriage with Robin Wright Penn. “3 Stooges” & “Cartell” producers have not made a statement yet […]

Sean Penn & Robin Wright-Penn Call Off Divorce…Again

Faster than you can say Natalie Portman, Sean Penn & Robin-Wright Penn are not getting divorced…again. Just weeks after Sean filed the papers and rumors that remain unfounded of a relationship with actress Natalie Portman, Sean is now “back” with his wife of umpteen years Robin-Wright Penn. The Forrest Gump actress and Sean have both […]

Natalie Portman Gets Flashed To The Mat

If the rumors are true that Sean Penn is dating Natalie Portman, I might be getting a knock on my door any minute now. Natalie was filming scenes from her new movie “Hesher” and was practicing stunts on a mat.  Hesher was a word from the 80’s to address some rock dudes.  “He is a […]

Natalie Portman Ended Sean Penn’s Marriage?

Did Natalie Portman end Sean Penn’s marriage to Robin Wright-Penn?  If you believe reports, then yes it is true.  They hooked up shortly after the Oscars as we heard about celebrating with her face.  He is most likely using Natalie to end the marriage as he was unhappy and it was getting close to leaving […]