Prince: Up Close & Personal

New Photo of Prince Close-Up. Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive
New Photo of Prince Close-Up. Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive

New Photo of Prince Close-Up. Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive

Here is a shot of Prince, up close and personal. We are happy to share it here first like the others, before anywhere else. Looking forward to Leno next week.-Dr.FB

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New Photo of Prince Close-Up. Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive

New Photo of Prince Close-Up. Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive

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  1. Thanks for posting Dr.F! My goodness he has the smoothest baby skin ever, gotta love it! I just wanna touch it. I like his hair. I would however, like to offer him a big fat cheeseburger. Does he ever get with women that cook?

    Love ya Prince!!! (I’m a good cook btw, lol)

  2. Stop with the Rihanna BS, she means nothing.

    Finally though, Prince does something different with the do. He’s had the same look for what…6, 7, 8 years now? That dweeby ONA split and antenna bangs thing.

    Kid’s still the Funkiest of them all. Now…lose the bellbottoms.

  3. How can a man defeat time?

    Adobe Photoshop CS4…

  4. butterfly kisses 😉

  5. Title: ” How can a man defeat time “

  6. Oh YUM! He’s ravishing. He should complete the look with purple nail polish.

  7. foundation = Photoshop LOL

  8. Love iT and I must say “I Do”

  9. I want some of that foundation he has on. His skin looks perfect. Tell us Prince. What brand do you use?

  10. ……and by the way, what kind of pore-minimizer does he use because seriously, …FLAWLESS!!!! GOOTGODALLMIGHTY, HE KNOWS HE IS SO FINE! LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN!

  11. ….Yo playa, ease up on the chapstick! U got 2 blot that shit wit some tishya! lol…U Know I’m Lookin Out 4 Ya! U STILL FINE! ….and All-ways will B.

  12. OMG he’s way toooooo beautiful..I could not b in a same room with P..

    Thanx doc <3

  13. Im loving the pix…and also loving his hair but then again, I love this man sooo much that he could cut off all his hair do you think i would care hell no!!!
    To others who thinks he look emaciated…they wish they could look like him…they seem to forget that the man is what…a buck 0 5. He also seems to care about what he puts in that beautiful littel body of his…can YOU say the same?

  14. Loving the hair!

  15. An interesting shot, unlike any other pic I’ve seen of him. Wonder if he took it himself, arm out, lense looking back at him. Weird perspective… Diggin’ that do though

  16. … the man does not age. Thanx Dr. FB

  17. Its like Rhianna and Prince go to the same stylist. For real. That TMZ pic was hilarious.

  18. No disrespect to DocFB but it’s sad that Prince’s own website is getting scooped on exclusive photos.

    That being said, is this Prince’s version of a mohawk? A fade gone awry? Or is he returning to Spock shave around the ears Emancipation style?

  19. I’m in Love with his new hair style, it’s fresh, different, and edgey. I really can’t wait for The Prince’s Leno Performance, I excpect for P. to rip up Leno’s stage. And as for Cannes i wish i were there, how exciting it must be living it up in Paris! Peace and Unity, ASIA.

  20. i got excited for a second, thought you had an interview or something xD

  21. Thanks for posting Dr !

    He looks good & I dig the new hairdo.

  22. oops for= from this picture sorry

  23. aaaaaaaaaawww look at my beautiful beautiful sweetie. (oy getting such a rush for this picture 🙂 ) Thanks for posting Dr.FB and don’t worry about not posting it ealier. It was worth the wait.. Sigh.. so beautiful..

  24. This fool looks emaciated. Same photo shoot obviously with Prince and the Tranny, same clothes. Brotha you need to eat my man!

    This is not pimp status. We need you on this earth ripping the strings off Habibi so please eat some meat!

    Goddamn! Doc FB this is disturbing.

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