The Original 7ven (Formerly The Time) Rock 1st Show!

Morris Day of The Original 7ven. Photo: Cody Breedlove
Morris Day of The Original 7ven. Photo: Cody Breedlove

Morris Day of The Original 7ven. Photo: Cody Breedlove

In the 1st show as The Original 7ven, The Band Formerly Known As The Time took us to "Strawberry Lake" to kick things off.

They then went into a multitude of hits featuring "Get it Up", "The Stick", "Cool", Jerk Out", "Skillet", "777-9311" and "Trendin'"(video coming soon) the latest from the Original 7ven.

Donnie Simpson introduced The Original 7ven, noting it was the very first show with that name.

The Original 7ven. Photo: Cody Breedlove

The Original 7ven. Photo: Cody Breedlove

Aside from a sound issue at first (It is Club Nokia, so it expected) The OG7 brought it. The band also played "Fishnet" and "Oak Tree" 2 songs released as a solo artist by Morris Day.

In the middle of the show, Jesse Johnson took over to show he is one of the baddest guitarists in the land.  Performing "Free World", Can You Help Me?" and "I Want To Be Your Man" along with some great solo work accompanying him with Jerome Benton coming out a time or two.

Jesse Johnson. Photo: DrFunkenberry

Jesse Johnson. Photo: DrFunkenberry

The band then went into "Gigalos Get Lonely Too" and then bringing up quite a few sexy socialites if I do say so myself.

They closed with "The Bird" and Jungle Love" which left the crowd condensating for sure.

It was a high energy show and it was great to see all of them perform together.  My first and only time seeing them all together was for a taping for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno a couple of years ago before their shows in Las Vegas.

Morris Day Of The Original 7ven Photo: Cody Breedlove

Morris Day Of The Original 7ven Photo: Cody Breedlove

Coming up next for the band whose new CD "Condensation" dropped this week, is The Tonight Show With Jay Leno October 27th, along with upcoming shows in Minneapolis and New York.

These are some of the greatest musicians in all the land.  The term real music by real musicians most def applies to them.  Please support real music by buying the CD and just like them, we are sure you will be "Trendin'" soon as well.

Thanks for the love guys and the great show.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Whose Drawers?  You Know

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LMFAO Bring Too Much Mankini Kawk To Leno

Guess there was too much Kawk by LMFAO on Leno the other night because the clip is not available on his site.

LMFAO performed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Thursday night performing "Sexy & I Know It" and they stripped down to their mankini's and rocked out...ahem..with their kawk's out.

Pardon the person who keeps whistling at the TV screen during the performance.  Oh man.  I can't remember the last time a guy did so much for the bikini briefs since Prince back in the early 80's.

Check out the performance above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  You Couldn't Handle Me In A Mankini


Christina Applegate Talks About The “Mother Tucker”

Ahh. The fantasy just might be ruined. Christina Applegate was on Jay Leno this week and talked about why she looks so good after giving birth 8 months earlier.

Her secret? The "Mother Tucker" which we guess is a new girdle. The fantasy is ruined by the sound she says it makes when she takes it off. Sigh.

So fess up! Anyone out there where a "Mother Tucker" on the daily?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Not Up All Night Anymore


Prince: Up Close & Personal

New Photo of Prince Close-Up. Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive
New Photo of Prince Close-Up. Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive

New Photo of Prince Close-Up. Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive

Here is a shot of Prince, up close and personal. We are happy to share it here first like the others, before anywhere else. Looking forward to Leno next week.-Dr.FB

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Prince & Bria Valente In Paris

Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo Of Prince

Prince Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo

(For a bigger version of this photo, click HERE!)

Prince and Bria Valente in Paris. We hear things are starting to heat up between the two singers while in Paris.

They were spotted earlier in the week buying dresses and chocolate, (I mean what else would you buy in such a romantic city?) the two were later seen canoodling at Lenny Kravitz's sold out concert. Lenny was so taken by Miss Valente, he had to circle back and be introduced a second time.  Hmm.

After the concert, Virgin Megastore opened it's doors after hours so the two could browse the DVD section. A Federico Fellini box set of 5 of his most well-known movies was the winner.  After a quick change of clothes, (It's Prince people!) they ended up dancing the night away at their fave nightclub. (name was asked to be withheld as we are told they plan to return before leaving) The DJ was a good friend since he spun several of Prince & Bria tunes throughout the evening.

They return home this weekend to perform on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno airing May 28th.  Some very interesting news to say the least and hope you all enjoy the story and the pics!-Dr.FB

Bria Valente

Bria Valente Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo

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Boston Market To Carry Jay Leno Show After All

Jay Leno Photo File
Jay Leno Photo File

Jay Leno Photo File

As we reported earlier this  month, a Boston NBC station was not going to carry the Jay Leno show when it debuts in the Fall.

Well, they have changed their mind.  More like NBC threatened them to take away their affiliation. Threat is not the right word but NBC did the right thing. 

Jay's show is set to debut in September after his final Tonight Show May 29th.-Dr.FB


More Reasons Why We Love Katy

The New Issue Of Bootylicious.  Photo: Blender.com
The New Issue Of Bootylicious.  Photo: Blender.com

The New Issue Of Bootylicious. Photo: Blender.com

Travis McCoy, we envy you. 

Not only is your girl Katy Perry looking great on the cover of the new Blender, but we LOVED her on Leno last night.

We didn't like the lyric change at the start but that was surely more than the Tonight Show than Katy.  We liked the end one tho.  Why did we love it so much?  Katy singing live.  Does she have the most amazing voice live.  No.  At least not yet.  But girl has guts. 

The song is fun and it means more to me to sing it live and bust your butt and have fun with it and that is exactly what Katy did.  I love the song, love the video, and I love Katy's style when she is not wearing the camel toe wear.  Keep rocking it and having fun.-Dr.FB