Tonight Show With Jay Leno

The Original 7ven (Formerly The Time) Rock 1st Show!

Morris Day of The Original 7ven. Photo: Cody Breedlove

In the 1st show as The Original 7ven, The Band Formerly Known As The Time took us to “Strawberry Lake” to kick things off. They then went into a multitude of hits featuring “Get it Up”, “The Stick”, “Cool”, Jerk Out”, “Skillet”, “777-9311” and “Trendin’”(video coming soon) the latest from the Original 7ven. Donnie Simpson introduced […]

LMFAO Bring Too Much Mankini Kawk To Leno

Guess there was too much Kawk by LMFAO on Leno the other night because the clip is not available on his site. LMFAO performed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Thursday night performing “Sexy & I Know It” and they stripped down to their mankini’s and rocked out…ahem..with their kawk’s out. Pardon the person who keeps whistling at […]

Christina Applegate Talks About The “Mother Tucker”

Ahh. The fantasy just might be ruined. Christina Applegate was on Jay Leno this week and talked about why she looks so good after giving birth 8 months earlier. Her secret? The “Mother Tucker” which we guess is a new girdle. The fantasy is ruined by the sound she says it makes when she takes […]

Prince: Up Close & Personal

Here is a shot of Prince, up close and personal. We are happy to share it here first like the others, before anywhere else. Looking forward to Leno next week.-Dr.FB For the other photos, go HERE! For a larger version of this photo……..

Prince & Bria Valente In Paris

(For a bigger version of this photo, click HERE!) Prince and Bria Valente in Paris. We hear things are starting to heat up between the two singers while in Paris. They were spotted earlier in the week buying dresses and chocolate, (I mean what else would you buy in such a romantic city?) the two […]