Prince & Bria Valente In Paris

Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo Of Prince

Prince Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo

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Prince and Bria Valente in Paris. We hear things are starting to heat up between the two singers while in Paris.

They were spotted earlier in the week buying dresses and chocolate, (I mean what else would you buy in such a romantic city?) the two were later seen canoodling at Lenny Kravitz's sold out concert. Lenny was so taken by Miss Valente, he had to circle back and be introduced a second time.  Hmm.

After the concert, Virgin Megastore opened it's doors after hours so the two could browse the DVD section. A Federico Fellini box set of 5 of his most well-known movies was the winner.  After a quick change of clothes, (It's Prince people!) they ended up dancing the night away at their fave nightclub. (name was asked to be withheld as we are told they plan to return before leaving) The DJ was a good friend since he spun several of Prince & Bria tunes throughout the evening.

They return home this weekend to perform on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno airing May 28th.  Some very interesting news to say the least and hope you all enjoy the story and the pics!-Dr.FB

Bria Valente

Bria Valente Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo

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Prince Drfunkenberry.com Exclusive Photo

Bria Valente

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  1. Too Sexy! Love the pics, candid or not- whatever, just keep em comin’. Looking forward to Leno!

  2. Prince & Bria just back to L.A. from Paris with Flight AF074:


    Launch at 16h15.

  3. Ohhww tha pinky ring.. I forgot to say I alway like that.. yes I do
    😉 @ the Dr. FB

  4. Those pictures look so candid! On the real tho – Prince looks like a superpimp in that Limo. R the 2 traveling alone or R the normal SECURITY goons with them? What do U call it when U need SECURITY from ur SECURITY? Hey Prince – remember U still got a record out (well, thr33 actually). How about when U get HOME – U kick promotion in2 overdrive. What U gonna play on Leno? “Dance 4 Me”, “Elixer”, “Valentina” ?????

    -Dr. Acaiberry

  5. I come on this site because it mostly gets straight to the point. And I like that. Thanks for responding. I just think when it comes to Prince stuff it gets a little fem. And I get it, if you and Prince have some kind of deal you want to not bite the hand that feeds you. I just dont want to come here and feel forced fed “pictures” that aren’t really pap pictures and “caught in the act” pics. Or stories that sound like were typed up and handed to you. I’ve read your blogs, you dont sound all worshippy like that.

    Its one thing if Prince force feeds us his T girl and her music (did I just re-read that story to say THEY are PERFORMING ON LENO?!?!) GOD PLEASE NO, JUST PRINCE!!

    We already know what she sounds like. Nothing memorable and I would rather hear a raging guitar solo on the next to last night of Leno going off air and make history then some whispy heavy breathing asmatic voice that nobody cares about.

    Back on point. Its one thing if we are forced to buy Ms.Valente by Prince. We get it.

    But to be forced fed news from the Doc sucks. I can go to Perez to get that shit. And if you have deals to make it work for the site, I get that too but can you please make it less obvious or maybe not post the entire story that gets send in? Maybe editing.

    Its very obvious and very disappointing. I come here because its clean blogging, clean news not all that extra shit except when it comes to Prince and it seems so forced.

    Thats all man. Your doing a good job I was just making a point that it seems orchestrated thats all.

    Death threats? Fuck its a gossip site people!

  6. Love love love the clothes

  7. Thanks for the clarification Toto. Changed.

    As for not being respected or respected less, I will always offend someone with what I do or do not do so it is fine. I mostly think I am not respected no matter what and no matter what I do, I will not change it. I get dissed for my writing style when actually under different names, I have written articles for several well respected magazines and sites. On blogs, especially celeb ones, the writing style has to be different

    At least I am no longer getting death threats or fighting with Courtney Love…well, actually I miss those but that is something else and is irrelevant to this.

    We had several photos from a photo agency and ones sent in to choose from which had other people in it, which I try to avoid because they are not the celebs. 🙂

    As for the other stuff, not to sure about. Off to a meeting with some musicians.

    Talk soon and thanks for the comments, wether positive or not towards me, it is appreciated and read. 🙂

  8. Even though they are photoshopped I forgot to mention that Prince almost looks good enough to put the P back in PIMP but not until he drops his bimbo girlfriend or adds more snatch to the photo op!LOL

    Where is the pic of the security guy that has been leaking (info or sticky info?) to Bria and the world according to Prince.org?

    Prince got some f**cked up people in his trail mix. Next!

  9. It’s FEDERICO Fellini.

  10. I will like the shots of him even better when he actually looks happy! :)( he still looks YUUUMMMYYY!) lol

  11. Thanks Dr FB, Cool pics. Prince looks amazing and it’s sounds like they had a lovely time!
    I really love his hair and hope he’s kept it same for the Leno gig.

  12. Glad 2 c the couple having fun in Paris .Prince hurry back so I can C U on the Tonight Show

  13. Thanks Dr

    They both look great !

  14. Prince and Bria look HOT in those pics. They know they look sharp. I love it. Dr FB ROCKS for getting these shots of the REAL King of Pop, Rock and Soul!!!!

  15. Wow gr8 news 4 prince and Bria <3

    Mr P is looking too hot on that pic 🙂 . ..just too hot 4 me..

  16. Wow, seriously DrFB? I had much more respect for you when you weren’t accepting pictures that are obviously PHOTOSHOPPED and passing them off as candid pictures!

    I will presume that you didnt know or couldn’t tell but its pretty glaring that the beloved Imp (no longer a P in it as you recall) is trying too hard.

    His girl looks like a man. No amount of photoshopping and breast surgery is going to cover her tracks.LOL

  17. beautiful 🙂

  18. Her boobs look like they are going to fall off…she looks like a slut

  19. ooooh, canoodling? do you know something we don’t? 😛

    nice pics, very candid. lol

    bria is probably the prettiest person i’ve seen in a while. good 4 her

  20. amazing pics

  21. Love it!!! Mr. Goodnite!!!
    You should re-post Lenny’s shower pic and make it a really good Friday!
    Thanks Doc!!!

  22. Thanks for the pics and news! 😉

  23. Canoodling… more please Dr. Funkenberry 😉

  24. Aaaaww both looking pretty. Glad they went to see Lenny.

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