To Whom It May Concern….

A Daily Dose is one of this web site's tag lines, so when you use it, it is fairly obvious you are lifting photos and stories from here.  What also makes it obvious is when you lift stories word for word.

So Perez, have your other writers who pretend to be you stop being so frickin obvious. Plagiarism at it's finest, dumb ass.

Credit. Where. You. Get. The. Info. From.


Dr.Funkenberry (You know, the blogger who's spelling errors and F ups are his and his alone.)


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  1. Perez, you must come to your senses…

  2. happy to see you address this publically.

  3. Oooh, please elaborate!!

    Which story did his blogbot steal from you? I’l love to do a comparison!!

    He’s such an evil, hateful queen. I’m so mad at him for posting those pix of Dustin Lance Black that was SO not cool. Especially in Pride month!

  4. The thieving little BASTARDS!.. glad you giving him what for.

  5. Ignore perez it is clear he is a hater

  6. I thought you would never say something and I must say it has been very obvious for a while the lifting of the story’s and other things off of your site that end up on his shortly after.

    Hopefully your site will get the exposure and attention it deserves soon. Until it does, people will think perez is getting it first and he is so not.

    Thanks for the daily dose of entertainment doc. I love you and your blog!

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