Smackdown! CM Punk Responds To Chris Brown: “Aint No Woman Beater”

Chris Brown Versus CM Punk. Photo: Nerdreactor.com
Chris Brown Versus CM Punk. Photo: Nerdreactor.com

Chris Brown Versus CM Punk. Photo: Nerdreactor.com

Cm Punk responded to Chris Brown tweet "#NotnoPunk" by simply replying "#aintnowomanbeater" as the WWE is finally covering the controversy days after us and other media outlets covered it.

Brown tweeted that WWE needs ratings and that's why CM Punk is going after him.  WWE did not mention the Brown/Punk war until Tuesday, missing out mentioning it on its flagship show Raw on Monday Night which does better ratings wise on USA then its Smackdown show on the Syfy network.

Brown said he that last night will be the last time he mentions Punk at all stating it is too time consuming for someone who has his own issues to deal with.

According to people on our Facebook Fan Page, this is all a set up by Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE for a Wrestlemania match between the two. Never mind the fact that they are already promoting Punk versus Chris Jericho for his title already.

For some reason, I believe this was just Punk being Punk and it is favoring the WWE.

I think Brown is too much of a wuss to fight Punk so I don't believe it is an angle by the WWE.  If it is, or becomes one, I would LOVE to team with Punk against Brown and the other celebrity blogger...Perez what's his name.  "Straight Edge" tag team.

So, what do you think?  Are we getting suckered in by an angle or is this real beef?-DocFB


Brandon Davis Is NOT Dead!

Attention to TMZ and @perezhilton the Brandon Davis who died is NOT the Hollywood socialite, but a 26 yr old from Las Vegas. #checkfacts

The story originated HERE.  We checked the facts and knew it was not that Brandon Davis. 

Brandon Davis is 30 years old so we knew it wasn't him as the person who died was 26.-Dr.FB


Not Cool! Perez Hilton Calls Megan Fox A Slut!

Megan Fox In Rolling Stone. Photo: RollingStone.com

Megan Fox In Rolling Stone. Photo: RollingStone.com

Perez. Perez. Perez.  When are you going to shut your pie-hole?

Megan Fox did an interview recently where she stated she only had 2 sexual partners; her child-hood sweetheart and and her long-time boyfriend and friend of the site Brian Austin Green.

She stated: “I can never have sex with someone that I don’t love, ever. The idea makes me sick. I’ve never even come close to having a one-night stand.”

Perez then called her a whore and said she is not including all the rub and tugs she did to get film roles.  GTFOOHWTBS!

Perez, where is your proof buddy?  It is that kind of stupidity where if a woman is raped and she was dressing provocatively, you would say she was wanting it, right?   Fail Perez! 

I don't care of she had trouble on sets of movies and said crap about directors.  That is unprofessional of her but YOU, cross the line you dumb motard!  (Just so because I have a feeling you don't know what a motard is Perez, it's someone who is more than retarded.)

I would say let's meet up at The Grove and have it out but your all talk no action self would try to sue me and bitch down. 

Man, Sam Rubin was right. Pull those panties out of your behind and stop being a talentless jackass.  You look like a poor man's Buster Poindexter. 

Don't ever call a woman a slut because she said she only had 2 lovers.  Who gives a crap if she had 2 or 20.  Who are you? 

Also, instead of talking crap about ME to assistants, why don't you contact me yourself?  You know how.  Perez, you know I will lay the verbal smack-down on you so bad it would be like I am Chris Brown and you are Rihanna. 

They just got tired of your demands and calling their clients sluts and understand there is no future in your funk.-Dr.FB

P.S. To Sam Rubin, anytime KTLA wants me on, I'll be there.


This Is Sooo Not Going To Happen!!!!!!!!

Check out this video below and tell us if you agree that it is NEVER going to happen!

New American Idol Judge????????

For the love of things all sane in the world, God no!

Here I am only asking to be the panelist on the next "I Love The 80's" on VH-1.  Either I am not asking for much or maybe setting my goals too low.

What do you think?  Would HE make a good judge?  Someone thinks way too high of himself me thinks.-Dr.FB


Video: Sam Rubin Slams Perez Hilton

You know I am loving this. LOVING it.  Perez Hilton was scheduled to be on the KTLA Morning News yesterday, a local affiliate in Los Angeles to promote his book, stuff that you could read on his blog for free anyway.

Well, he and his people started being rude and making demands to the KTLA staff.  He wanted to bump Snoop Dogg from his interview spot. WTF?  Perez, you think you are way bigger than you are.

Rubin called Perez a "talentless dope" and Perez actually had the gall to ask to be booked on the show.  What did Sam say about that?  Check the video.

BTW, KTLA, I love you guys. Love.  Would love to do stuff with you in the future.  Let's talk and thanks for putting the talentless one in his place.-Dr.FB


Scene & Heard

The stars came out for U2 at the Rose Bowl over the weekend as close to a 100,000 people attended the concert. David Beckham, Demi Moore, Ben Stiller, Kellan Lutz, Colin Farrel, Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt were in attendance.........

Morrissey collapsed onstage at a concert in Swindon, UK and was rushed to the hospital for breathing difficulties. Morrissey has had a few health problems on this tour but I am told he is stable and is OK. I hope so. No word on any other shows getting cancelled or postponed at this time......

The  Jonas Brothers performed at Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic, rocking out their biggest hits after a press conference for the event.....

I got this tip through my cell Saturday afternoon: "Amy Winehouse is serving pints behind bar at Hawley Arms right now!" I did request pics but they were afraid Amy might go after them and start a fight, so they just decided to enjoy their pints and be amazed by what happened. I can't blame them. How cool is that though to show up at a bar and a celeb is behind serving them to you?........

Ivanka Trump got married this weekend to Jared Kushner, who is the publisher of the New York Observer. They were married at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ..........

Katy Perry celebrated her 25th birthday, throwing a white halloween party that saw the likes there such as boyfriend Russell Brand, Tayor Swift and Perez HitlerHilton. With that last name, I guess it was a substandard event. Still, we wish Katy a happy and sexy 25th birthday.

The Hollywood burglar bunch has been caught. Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom were some of the victims......

The mom of the Balloon Boy admitted the whole thing was indeed a hoax. No need to mention their name and give them more time......

A girl that has been missing since attending a Metallica concert had more money put into the search to find her. Metallica has put up 50 Grand to find the missing girl. Hope this helps find her.......



Justin & Jessica Update: Still Together

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake September 30th, 2009  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake September 30th, 2009  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake September 30th, 2009 Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are still together despite reports of a strained relationship.

US magazine and OK magazine have yet to retract thier stories even tho Jessica and Justin have been spotted together since the break-up.

Perez Hilton, who was the first to latch on the story, admitted yesterday "Even they are together, they are not happy."

Ahem. At least when I do mess up, I do post an update on it.  I'm not saying, I'm just sayin.-Dr.FB