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Smackdown! CM Punk Responds To Chris Brown: “Aint No Woman Beater”

Chris Brown Versus CM Punk. Photo:

Cm Punk responded to Chris Brown tweet “#NotnoPunk” by simply replying “#aintnowomanbeater” as the WWE is finally covering the controversy days after us and other media outlets covered it. Brown tweeted that WWE needs ratings and that’s why CM Punk is going after him.  WWE did not mention the Brown/Punk war until Tuesday, missing out mentioning it […]

Brandon Davis Is NOT Dead!

Attention to TMZ and @perezhilton the Brandon Davis who died is NOT the Hollywood socialite, but a 26 yr old from Las Vegas. #checkfacts The story originated HERE.  We checked the facts and knew it was not that Brandon Davis.  Brandon Davis is 30 years old so we knew it wasn’t him as the person […]

Not Cool! Perez Hilton Calls Megan Fox A Slut!

Perez. Perez. Perez.  When are you going to shut your pie-hole? Megan Fox did an interview recently where she stated she only had 2 sexual partners; her child-hood sweetheart and and her long-time boyfriend and friend of the site Brian Austin Green. She stated: “I can never have sex with someone that I don’t love, […]

This Is Sooo Not Going To Happen!!!!!!!!

Check out this video below and tell us if you agree that it is NEVER going to happen! New American Idol Judge???????? For the love of things all sane in the world, God no! Here I am only asking to be the panelist on the next “I Love The 80’s” on VH-1.  Either I am […]

Video: Sam Rubin Slams Perez Hilton

You know I am loving this. LOVING it.  Perez Hilton was scheduled to be on the KTLA Morning News yesterday, a local affiliate in Los Angeles to promote his book, stuff that you could read on his blog for free anyway. Well, he and his people started being rude and making demands to the KTLA […]