Zac Efron Jumps Into Action

 Zac Efron In Man Of Action.  Photo:

Zac Efron In Man Of Action. Photo:

Even when Zac Efron pumps gas, it is is adventure.  Perhaps I would be running too if my car was an Audi but I digress.

An unposed photo but an action photo looks like it could be used as a promo photo for an upcoming movie of his. Hmmm.

“You have seen him in 3 high school musicals. You almost saw him get footloose.  Now, in the role he was born to star in, he is a man of action, a man with a plan.  A man who needs to pump gas.  Zac Efron stars in Man of honor. Coming soon from drfunkenberry pictures.”

Yea.  That sounds about right.  Enough silliness. Hope you enjoy the photo of Zac.-Dr.FB




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