Amy Winehouse Is Single

Amy Winehouse File Photo
Amy Winehouse File Photo

Amy Winehouse File Photo

Wino Winehouse is single, sober (yeah, right) and ready to mingle.  So, who is going to take one for the team? We all know her sh** is dirty, and oh so friggin' crazy.  My guess is  Eminem, cause they have so much in common.  He did seem to enjoy kissing her "look-a-like" in his 'We Made You' video.

How long before we see her and some crack head licking mice on youtube?? Tick Tock.....

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  1. Pretty harsh article.

  2. Say what they may about Amy Winehouse…..All I know is the girl has a great talent for lyrics and that cd was one of the best cd’s I had heard in so long.
    We all have our battles….so while everybody is busy pointing and spitting at her, I’ll be busy wishing her well.
    I’d much rather listen to her, than 95% of the garbage that’s out now.

  3. I like the combi of the print and the black :) (I forgot to say)

  4. I couldn’t stomach a current pic of her long enough to post it.

  5. Amy looking kinda hot in that pic Nurse GB.

  6. Wow, you actually found an attractive photo of Amy. What a nice change!

  7. Aaww Nice picture
    Take care Amy. Much love

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