The Prince Of Monaco

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY
Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY

The one n only Prince will be playing Monaco on August 13th.
This info was sent out by his official site Lotusflow3r.com

Tix on sale tomorrow.

More info as it becomes available.-Dr.FB

UPDATE: Prince & his band will b per4ming 2 shows at Salle Garnier (Monaco Opera House) Thursday Aug. 13. Tentative showtimes: 8pm and 11pm. Address: Place du Casino - Monaco 98000, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Tickets on sale tomorrow.  C u there!

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  1. God knows what your heart desires. If you would just seek him first then when its your time he will put that person in your life that he just created for you.

  2. Well, it is 206€ the ticket, so if you want to attend both shows, you have to pay 412€, I guess this is for wealthy people only and not fans… Have fun Prince Albert friends!

  3. Monaco is so romantic and is the best place to take someone you really love. My friend was married there like a fairytale wedding. Prince! live to love, Viva la France!!!

  4. Monaco is the bomb place im dyin to go there jet settin baby, BET he will be taking Bria Valente’s fine ass with him. Lucky MF got it all man!!!

  5. Have Fun Prince and Band.
    @ Choice.. Thank you!

    Much love Prince

  6. that would be a dream come true….ran off to air france – just really can’t see a way to get there and back (for 2) traveling on the weekend or monday after (due to work) for much under 4K……no can do!!!!!! D*MN!!!!! to all those who can…..i’ll be there in spirit!!!!! enjoy!!!!

  7. By the way…email?What email from Lotusflow3r?Cause I didn’t get it!lol
    (not that I could go anyhow!lol Just saying!)


  9. sounds like a blast. I hope he gives NYC one of these epic nights soon.

  10. This will be awesome. Wish I could go.

    Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure he has plenty of super rich fans too, super rich fans who also happen to know the music. Music is, after all, universal and therefore one is not required to be from any particular socioeconomic background in order to qualify as being a ‘real fan’. I’m sure Prince will be in good company as he funks up the house.

  11. monaco,,the millionaires playground,,dont think these tickets will be £31.21,,good luck to the real fans gettin tickets for this instead of the superich standing around in versace suits tappin their feet to music they dont even know

  12. Wish he would do more last min. gigs… loved the “Hit-N-Run” shows back in the day!

    Tickets on sale one day, next few days BOOM… a concert! Loved the mayhem of ditching school and missing work to stand in line to score hot seats!

    So much fun, so much fun!


  13. Him and his last minute gigs!lmao

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