Jennifer Aniston Gets Provocative In Elle.

Jennifer Aniston In Elle
Jennifer Aniston In Elle

Jennifer Aniston In Elle

Jennifer Aniston turns up the heat in the September issue of Elle and even talks about her being single.

She said she is OK with being 40 and being perceived as the lonely girl. "I am not going to ignore the pink elephant in the living room."

Asked a question and give an answer. It has only been 4 months since her break-up with John Mayer n that bad ish that went down with Brad was years ago but she is not over it. I am, but that's me. The heart feels what the heart feels.-Dr.FB

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  1. 40 Looks fab on her… The pity party has grown tiresome. She’s young (still) and beautiful.. and has a great life ahead of her.

  2. mAyer….with an A!!! i thought we went over this already. LMAO


  3. Hey Hey look who it is! nice pic of J aniston. I swear I’ve never been attracted to Rachel, but damn she looks good here. thanks for posting birthday man. ;) and what’s this? ‘miserable and lonely’? she should be in a video! lol! hey but thats just my opinion ;) and loving the remix of the drfunkenberry.com pretty cool man. :)

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