Video: After Fall, Drake Returns

I guess Drake is either not having surgery or performing in front of his home crowd in Toronto was more important, but Drake sat on a stool and did his show.

He must be heavily medicated as he called LIl Wayne the greatest entertainer he ever worked with. Either that or he hasn't toured with anyone else.-Dr.FB

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  1. LOL..now we know he’s trying to kiss up to his friend. I jsut figured out who this Drake character is. I was thinking maybe he’s trying to be like the character he played on that show..dammit icant even think of the name of it now..ooh yeah Degrassi. He’s getting street cred hanging with Gremlin…lol. Hope his not hanging out on to many planes wings. heh heh heh

  2. Ever heard of him but I hope he’s oke and taking care of himself.

  3. Who cares about that talentless retard.

  4. poor Drake…..

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