Breaking News! Disney Buys Marvel Comics!

Marvel Comics Purchased By Disney.  Photo: Marvel.com
Marvel Comics Purchased By Disney.  Photo: Marvel.com

Marvel Comics Purchased By Disney. Photo: Marvel.com

 Marvel Comics was just sold to Disney for $ 4 billion dollars! The deal is pending an anti-trust review and Marvel stockholders. So now those who wished for a Spider-Man & Mickey Mouse team-up will get their wish.

Disney will get 5,000 marvel characters. Disney said Monday that Marvel shareholders will receive $30 per share in cash plus 0.745 Disney shares for every Marvel share they own.

I am shocked.  Did Marvel Comics really need to sell themselves for $ 4 billion dollars. I don't understand certain deals sometimes. This is one of them. I just don't want Marvel comics to turn Disney style is all. I don't want lame tie in stories where I have to buy a Donald Duck comic book to finish the Fantastic Four story.

I know I am going overboard, was just caught off guard with this deal. What do you all think?-Dr.FB

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  1. MAEVEL was on the verge of making movie history. Marvel Comics movies are grossing extremely more in revenue than any other kind of movie right now. I guess Disney said If we can’t beat them!…BUY THEM ! It’s differnently something Stark Industries would have done. LOL…But I agree it’s still a bad move on marvel’s part. Just how much influence will Micky have on the NEW Fantastic Four movie? Bad move Marvel Bad move!

  2. this sucks what will happen the the rides at universal like the hulk

  3. I’m not surprised one bit. Buena Vista has been distributing Marvel Comics DVD’s for years now, so this was just a matter of time (and money of course). I am absolutely certain it will turn out to be just that : distributing ! Mark my words…

  4. Im not sure if i like this deal. Exactly ..Doc..im not looking forward to buying a duck comic to finish a Xmen story line.

  5. I guess Warner Bros who owns DC Comics and Disney will be going head to head now…

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