St. Elmos Fire TV Show Still In Works

St. Elmos Fire Movie Poster
St. Elmos Fire Movie Poster

St. Elmos Fire Movie Poster

ABC won the bidding war to make 80's movie "St. Elmos Fire" into a TV show in early August but we haven't heard much since then other than they are writing it.

There will be 6 new characters and the movie will take off where the movie left. It is being compared to friends and they are OK with that.  The show will be an hour long. Right now, it is still in the stage of being written. ABC just owns the rights.

Too bad it's on ABC is all I can say. They pull the plug too quickly on new shows or screw with the times of the show moving it everywhere. Dirty Sexy Money is a fine example.-Dr.FB

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  2. I hate to sound like a Negative Nellie…but damn, 30 years later and they want to make a series?

  3. I am soooo excited! I just can’t hid it. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. Oh Yea!

    I loved St Elmo’s Fire!! I just wish it was not on ABC either. I agree that they pull the plug too quickly on good shows. I will keep my fingers crossed that they can write and I hope it won’t be just like Friends… Needs to pick up where the movie left off! Keep it real.

  4. but… but why????


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