Lady Gaga Lets Us See France

Lady Gaga In France. Photo:

Lady Gaga In France. Photo:

Ronald McDonald stepped out yesterday as a cross-dresser in the streets of France and….oh wait. Nurse Goodbody is telling me that this is Lady Gaga leaving her hotel in France. My mistake. 

I see London, I see France, I see Lady Gaga’s bulging underpants.

We wonder when the elaborate lame outfit phase of her career will be over or if it ever will be?  She is even wearing some see-through gloves. (I’m a freak, leave me alone.)  Half of this outfit I would love to see in my bedroom this weekend. Like the stockings, the drawers, and even the gloves. Those ballerina shoes? Amy Winehouse wants them back Gaga.

I will still bump her music from Ventura Blvd. to Sunset but I am praying her fashion style never catches on here or anywhere.-Dr.FB



  • 2unbiased
    Posted at 03:33h, 13 January


  • Johnny
    Posted at 17:02h, 02 October

    See this is exactly why art taught in schools is so important. Lol you just don’t get it. Like the whole Kermit jacket she wore in an interview in Germany. It was a commentary piece about wearing real fur. And people were like “Omg wtf she’s a muppet” *rolls eyes* If you’ve ever seen a real fashion show some stuff is way out there but celbrities just take pieces from it. Well Lady Gaga is into it and she wears it on the streets. And how does it take away from her music? That makes NO sense at all it’s adding to it. She’s created a multifaceted work of art. Also that’s usually a phrase used about female stars and is a bit sexist. Stop the hate and appreciate either way it’s more money in her pocket lawls!

    And wait a minute what about “Ziggy Stardust”, he rocked!! I say it’s about time we have another amazing artist who’s multi talented 😉

  • LexAve456
    Posted at 12:34h, 11 September

    I agree with you Dr FB, these extremely strange clothes are distracting and taking away from her music, which I like. We get it Lady Gaga, you are a weirdo, NEXT!

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