Kendra Wilkinson’s Man Loses Job Because Of Michael Vick

Kendra Wilkenson & Hank Baskett. Photo:

Kendra Wilkenson & Hank Baskett. Photo:

With a baby on board, it’s not good when your husband loses his job and that is what happened to Girls Next Door Playboy superstar Kendra Wilkinson man yesterday.

Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles was activated yesterday to be on the roster, but they can only have 53 players on the roster, and Hank Baskett, Kendr’a man, was cut from the team.  Ouch.

I am sure with Kendra’s show and other ventures she is doing, they will be fine. Baskett’s career is not close to over but it will be a game of wait and see if another wide receiver from another team gets cut or not.

We hope that Hank gets picked up soon for his sake and the baby’s sake.-Dr.FB




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